Thursday, 27 March 2014

Saturday, 22 March 2014

rub or rubix

a clings confirms to a hold.

jurisdiction. a conformity to a seen pervasive.

iris cyclamen, a tor or a tear.

a cheek or  a skin. a womb of a bombast.

cream sore. jest of flakage.

 ecological torn of spools.

rain of bows.

hair of cerumen.

rings of toxic.

judge mystic bullshit.

groom and to forms and or survive.

a term-image.

profanity as vindication.

 iridecence as language.

language as thought grenade.

clangs a coform to an held.



Thursday, 20 March 2014

c. claiming egress. s.

      skin ridged.
lace þunder.

       preocupation wiþ

lung puckered resistance.
          on cause if course.

run differance or the pull.
        cling antagonism.

identity politik cream sensation,
       or irritation of the ball sac.

claiming egress.

roc cline.

i or i.

terms in.
      pour frottage.

verge ungent.
     glum rotation

intitles frames.
incineration contract.

and brane.
clings to misinformation.

just as if we'd.
un ontowards.

skein rode
     last under.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


junta envy.
    glimpses of protuberance.

roof tour.
   patriarchal air fresheners.

 lung balm
   gloombone. of honour.

just as gusto.
     cherubic  cube.

lung's fell of poison.
    drum title, a convergence

of privilege.
    crumbs of spoken.

more words
     mere worse.

glimpse if infernace.
    lopped of.

an intersectional

page irritation,
   an suplimeant.

biological entreaty.
     a semblance.

a tern of orbit.
  death of a syntax.

curb of envy.
  transformative influence.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


spaghettified strands of prolapsed brain
matter strung
 through cunt-fronds.

dappled moon mote guts the eye-glass.
 june drum beat metro parataxis, fumble
folded ungulates.

 parole over hard
parole en liberta.
microfoam in dermatitis.

gun gland, gun foam.
nelson quanta tears in tiers.
 smile imitation of tetris.

structure frames of praline overturns rain.
mutter strong
throw can't-friends.