Wednesday, 30 January 2013


    it in.
singer ist.
clings to firm.
of tendons and worms.

attack gourds.
atrophy wife.
lack tate.
and off.
of in.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


marilyn monroe is being strangled again. we all really wish this wouldn’t happen. she sits naked on a chair constructed with steel wire paper-clips. wrapped around her rounded pink body is a morgue-shroud, which is as white as a corpse’s eyes. she clutches it to her president-kissed (bullet shot) breasts with fingers stained by nicotine and poorly applied nail varnish, as if that would save her. numbed by prescription drugs, she looks on in a distant shock as an arm comes from the corner of a hole. a hole in a wall that is spread smooth, white and silver like razorblades in cocaine. a voice in her head calls “escape escape escape”, but she can’t feel her gums and her make-up is flaking. maybe tomorrow this will go better, but today it’s her time to die. she has another appointment at 6-30 tomorrow to die again. and again the next day. probably just as well.

the wolf is at the

we should see the gates open now. they’ve been hinting for a while that they will, the others say they won’t. i  can’t see any reason why not. the weather has been good, and my diet has been healthy. all training exercises have indicated success (albeit with possible leakages). the signs are good. the towers have fallen, the men in suits have decapitated the roosters, the man with the silver mouth has reached the top shelf and the tongue is in orbit (all taste buds independent). we should see the locks falling soon and the contents question about it. it’s going to happen.

squirrel hook

i am not necessarily evil. it’s not natural.i helped a squirrel today. it was hobbling around with one paw missing, so i thought i should help it by making a squirrel paw prosthesis. first, though, i had to catch him. i tried to tempt him with chocolate, then nuts, then nutty chocolate and finally chocolaty nuts. eventually i lured him into the house with the promise of vintage david bowie records, which he seemed to like the idea of. while there he insisted, over a cup of bovril and some woodbines , on talking at length (well for him) about the inherent racism of beatrix potter and the price of stamps in relation to mail art (which is big amongst squirrels, which is why they need so many walnuts). i offered to help him with is lack of paw and he said that if i could give him a wire coat-hanger, he would fashion a hook for himself. i did so, and said goodbye. i watched him scamper off.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

i've had a poem published here

Thursday, 3 January 2013


entreat int.
dumb vowel.
glum part momentum.

comma agent.
ripped in rack.
pus fold. or/on.


robbed with sound.
label effort.
nature intends.

free preach.
glandular feather.
at a turn

nature as.



rope territory as a.
 lavatory epigram
add a.
texture imperative.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

spe ctre

of at a.
hair under the undone.
swim in.

tract tate.
liable is.
zone permit.

diptych indrid
perfume spattered
vampire insipid.

middle english
tooth wash.
chink in amour.

zinc tincture.
bull ship.
or of.

licorice tongue.
cola impala.
bat cycle.

anarchist roofire.
edible hatred.
punk up/or/

at attached to thy.
hex iridescent unction.
of indirect in.

velvet swimming crabs

velvet swimming
gills to breath.

tingle weather
dead all over the

beach. swum with the,
wooden tooth.
grape twinge.

 gab tergid when.
although thus.
thy pillow talc.

ormulum errand rope.
necter lectern.
roar or their.

attach atzlan.
belgian antarctica.
rajah mirror.

come since.
pickle leopard.
at 'atch.


of the.

ambiant de.

 v.of the.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013


turns in ribbons.
rictus snare drums
dig groves of oleander.

feathers tickle.
dram rim.
gloop pervades.

rum dread locks
tickle empidermis.
racism in three tones.

send in throught shards.
at a time at a time.
net return reruns.