Wednesday, 26 May 2010

so the unknowr



sorry about the sporadic posting. as some of you may know, i now have a boyfreind so that's altering my schedual. normal services will resume.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

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credence form flood. happenstance stephen's sorts collapse. storm rebate cell collapse. steam real. axiom orange procreate. if offer off either or. rational fleshbite. torture clean flatslap. contemporary pot-puree. c see sea. deserve worshit. should mow moan re-name. indicate parlance. assuage reveal divide. never textual. glib bland ovular. robot yellow. cling parataxis. never engender re-boot popular. do-not's 'n don'ts. texas stack gave of spout level. not of not.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

steam punk margin pink pack.


after cill

rubber gland rind. for people's blub blubber. fore wail. fair war pole warp ol'. grind away at the mechanisms of the nicht! or jesus neither existed (nor socrates). "love is compulsory". polanski rapes ago. relativism medieval organism. faith infers gullibility. radio talk show roast. t-shared. george gorge gregor. mushroom palaver. forge atlas steam. steampunk collage prague. whacks resist. morale education. thrift thrush. preacher leech her. lapis load apocalypse. bali renege re-core. investigate boorish solidarity. pore per fog. sly coin. practise axiom. need treat threat. glib gabba gob glob. envelope an envelope. horde herd hurd. consolation vulgar organisation narcotics. vacate read reed stretch. hitchens hawkins dawkins. real reel role roll. infinite regression. forage in site tape machina. fave root rout. might bee by bore bowel. glib nexus snap taxation. brawn cell.

Friday, 14 May 2010



light argument

since since since
sins sins sins
in s in s in s

for andrew topel.

for threw fur for fast fist firs. eclipse over scene stone actualisation. orders reform speculate level. ball babble bugle. as asteroth forefathers weaker then. snake-oil. free argue meant split yellow bleed ear. enter pain meant. bluster creek. glee margin hollow. spot yes. yet spot. sputter spatter speed. vicodin victorian memory meme. watered melon. mammoth mammary on male. verb non- known gnome elliptical front tier. snake oh el kal per view snaps elongates attribution elevate are. from aperture alert cuboid. from deliberate. be-bop skat skype. political hair iconoclasm. clinton clanks ore strips strobe. stockholm arrive. words count too. page negative road slap road. fog hen.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

brain too good use.



read reason role level logo. never increase single a reason. junkie circuit hold belief grave texture antacid. interior liberal fascistic bowel parenthesis. glad devour ovoid navigation. soul parley. small flat. glass eyes, glass ice. fan form firm fir. sneak episodic pudenda. sneaks fellas in greek phallus binary disney. sprocket we'll wheel weal. for offer is his. collage difference and if we. activate food bugger boo. bitter batter over (eating. feces) stuck to the roof of the brain pan. ran run rune ream. glandular freezer. problem of a double life. boy boys boise. angel precum. next disection anatomical.

Monday, 10 May 2010


concerning with
or with concerning.

truth is not that comfortable.

volunteer stretch. gold grate gather. street or honour. stroke heal. approach excuse. fellow main. forgo. or for eh? or even or to for of or even. water bail-out .p/l/u/n/d/e/r. (or if i). grain too gold. snigger rigger rope dick. clanger insular attraction. if in bondage partake. great grate groat ghost geist. lick mandragora. hope dye monde. badman & robbin'. antenna. demon and demean. cholesterol parley. your academy. the vanities of life. grin goldfish gramme. absinthe. go a way. league or rather. voiceless. nazca limes. warp and weft. great good good good. old super imprimatur. on towards. live. manned chest pair. shaven headed for. grope trick. tickle obviously. thats seen. one one one. want too free for. never. peter pan of pock mark'd. livid endeavour. of you surprise. demon her dresser. field mapped. sonic routh. guitar pic. lacky and if. scottish grate.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

insert lost poem here
words in
cut-out colour
i i
u we

Thursday, 6 May 2010

mini paragraphic

sky hook pool loop. ride endeavour climb limb. chinese asterix. asemic bundle bulb. very droll. hedge wrap optimism. lobe loeb limber. unintelligent de-sign, hovind hover. clip lip clap. hoard on heard unheard. syphilis yard stick. heaven's rates. solipsism simpsons. heather one. or ore orb.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010



p iokuytr

notes to paradise lost 24

silent prayer to a god i don't belive in

ink mathematics (for stephen nelson and captain beefheart)

ink phone paramour incision slight (out) of hand. wishes he could meet him. buddha years or ears of plump navel gazers. paint a bowler hat. stained in black balk on the rude ore an exam for essay writing scratch monkeys. cerulean night sky in plastic numb-chucks or chocks i man (eating an iron shirt). i embrace satan and kick out crossed river carbuncle isn't atrophy carry on crowes feat (black black black). slips in or slaps in or slops on. eyes cram fur grow. as as or as as or ass ass or is is or ist ist or arse arse or arc arc. no matter how psychotic they are. took some and then spent the next six hours watching his hand move. scream for me. guitar quiff. per purr prr. van damn! cat rape. atheist deed polish. cling clung clot. who flung dung (their's mud in yeah eye) after david.
i've been ill (very,very ill) so thats why theres been no work.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

this blog is back! stay posted for some work!