Tuesday, 2 December 2014

feline origami

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


letter spills
up ring pull. 
  glowing towards a tendency.
ore form.

thing grimace, a surface
dictaphone mileage.

strobe stutter
an rift in.
robe all glowing and.

stuff under nonsense.

strong mileage
a form in alternation

latter spiels
un rung pale.
clawing two worse latency.

handing out headaches

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Sunday, 3 August 2014


end answers.

or come un-serve, pressage motors.

pronounce as-wish.
tooth in the thorns,

or to choke umbilical
text streams, as in tickertape

or in answers.


tthheeyy kknnooww..
uunnsseeeenn cchhoorrdd

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

untitld (translated multiple times. note addition of e's)

the word,

       such as pools and


fabric on the subject.

your tears are polar,

spasms of the iris,

        performed by psychological provocation.

no thanks lungs.

falsetto ala mulatto

buon gap (a revolution).

marmot slaughterhouse.

synchronized abyss.

abbothood year for the ontology of gold.

a ring of film desire.

easily adjust the display jist.

jizzm swats liquor.

in an irish jig gravel -

towards unburning


a farce, a mast forum


offers crank-fiction

fan hairy casting

or to do or not.

adagio rank


i am a synonym.

i'm not short of gold

do you look people are not

books missing?

gurn hay (na) kus, to block

application balls.

in a lighted building, shift-ish mongolian

form a tool that cuts the lips and mold growing on

dental chips.

without pupils.

polls ant hat



          such as swimming pools and


material on the subject.

your tears are polar,

spasms of the iris,

           performed by psychological provocation.

no thanks lungs.

falsetto ala mulatto

buon gap (the revolution).

marmot slaughterhouse

synchronized abyss

abbothood year for the ontology of gold.

a ring of desired film.

jist just the screen.

jizzm swats liquor.

in a gravel irish jig -

against unburning


a farce, a mast forum


offers crank-fiction

fan casting hairy

or to do or not.

adagio rank


i am a synonym.

i'm not made ​​of gold

they do not seek people

books missing?

gurn hay (na) kus, block

balloon application.

mongolian ish in a lighted building layer

a tool that cuts the lips and mold on

dental chips.

without students.

polls ant hat



             such as swimming pools and


material on the subject.

your tears are polar,

spasm of the iris,

              performed by the psychological challenge.

no thanks lungs.

ala falsetto mulatto

buon gap (revolution).

marmot slaughterhouse

synchronized abyss

father of the year to cover the ontology of gold.

a ring of the respective film.

jist just the screen.

swat alcohol sperm.

the irish jig gravel -

against unburning


farce, mast forum


offers crank-fiction

fan casting hairy

or not do.

adagio Rank


i am too.

i'm not made ​​of gold

they do not seek people,

books missing?

gurn hay (na) kus, block

applications ball.

mongolian layer building lit ish

a tool that cuts the lips and the mold

dental chips.

without students.

investigations hat ant



              such as swimming pool
the material on the subject.
your tears in a polar
spasm of the iris,

               i do challenge is psychological.

mase does refrain lung.

falsetto lert system of ala

buon gap (revolution).

abattoir of marmot

abyss it is synchronized

in order to cover the ontology of gold, the father of this year.

ring of each film.

jJust jist the screen.

alcohol sperm of  swat

irish jig gravel -

for unburning


farce, mast forum


i offer a crank fiction

fan hairy casting

not ka.

adagio rank

not say.

me, too.

i'm not made ​​of gold

they do not seek people

the missing books?

gurn hay (na) hawks, block

application ball.

building of mongolia layer lights ish.

cut tool and mold lips

dental chip.

and without a student.

investigation hat ali



               such as swimming pool


the material on the subject.

your tears in a polar

spasm of the iris,

                i challenge is psychological.

mase fact refrain lung.

system falsetto lert ala
bon gap (revolution).

abattoir marmot

abyss is synchronized

to cover the ontology of gold, the father of this year.

ring each film.

jist just the screen.

sperm alcohol swat.

Gravel Irish jig -

for unburning


farce forum mast


i offer a crank fiction

fan casting hairy

no ka.

adagio rank

not say.

me too.

i'm not made ​​of gold

they do not seek people

books missing?

gurn hay (na) hawks, block

balloon application.

building the fires mongolia ish layer

cutting tools and molds lips

dental chip.

without a student.

hat ali inquiry



                 such as swimming pool

it is impossible.

in the case of the object.

a polar your tears

iris spasm,

                  i challenge becomes psychological.

mase really do lungs.

computer falsetto lert ala
buon interval (revolution).

marmot abattoir

integrated into the abyss

gold rasheed, father hide this year.

talk to each image.

he did not remember to have spoken on the screen.

swat sperm alcohol.

irish red hole -

for unburning


mast drama club


i provide false science

harry fan casting

no ka.

rank mulli


i have.

i did not stay

they do not get

books missing?

gurn straw (na) hawks, volume

the use of the balloon.

mongolia army's life-story building fire

cutting tools and molds lips

tooth chip.

without a student.

ali inquiry cap


untitld (no e's)

a sun word.
 that pools and

fabric on rubric.
ton on polar rips,

spasm to iris,
  occurs by psychic provocation.

lungs un-furl.
falsetto ala mulatto-
buon moat (just a turn).

groundhog  abattoir
syncs abyss
or abbothood for an ontology .

a longing flick ring.
just adjust ad jist.

jizzm swats liquor.
a macadam dans la irish jig -
runs unburning towards an

a prank, a mast board

crank inflicts fiction on
furry fan cast-

or much to do or not.
an rank adagio

i am an synonym.
or am i un writ to
folk who don't look towards
missing books?

gurn  hay (na) kus at sun block
application balls.
in a lit construct, an  mismatch-ish mongol
molds a tool that cuts lips and grows mould on
tooth shavings.

an sans wards.
hat polls ant

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Per pall reversed Sable,
Gules and Argent a

pall reversed Argent over
all an inverted chevron of

chain counterchanged
Argent, Sable, Argent.

Monday, 23 June 2014

remnant umbrage

worms forward.
lip whetted under glutton.

junta magenta.
a cream.

marble opera.
tungsten lips.

worn for war.
lap swatter endures glycon.

agents of noise.

rung umber.
a song in onself.

bent ligature or
spellings of ether.

just unjust.
injures re-stricture.

parlour games
 for epileptics.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

end sperm.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014


angina ion wars.
   low tourettes or the

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


an agenda ein worts.
    lotte use too wets norther.

Thursday, 22 May 2014


men gander in wards.
     lotus too warts en order.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


main gender rink warns.
    loading two words an odour

Thursday, 15 May 2014


magenta ring-worms.
 floating towards an order.


flakes of amber.
untold grains of air.

quantum tundra,
eyes spectra

and offers.

a snip of letter,
 gold tooth symmetry.

dementia oligarchy,
an ache for boredom.

chest hair between

a vibration of the throat.
anthropomorphic tea-leaves.

can conform.
   but want.

an past.

animatronic stegosaurus.
java extract.
confessional embolism.

a re-tread of events.
anchorage pulled through

a dangerous pronunciation
puritans on holiday.

pitta bread whore.
an appellation.

Friday, 9 May 2014


aft tunnage.

a chrome of ideas.

clings twisted
  to a bodysnatcher,

pods of alone.

rook torque.
a number of rooms.

junta agenda.

a re-trace. a systematisation.

absolut absolutism.

run over with sentiment.

after seizure.

a gnostic.

petel abuse.

fractal tumour.
a bone in place.

 alternative plexture.
a spastic band-aid.

rope unpeel a taxidermy.
rainbows of lava.

tinsel static.
eye leather

a welfare spate.

a chivemeant.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

a short review of "thorn corners"

last month, my good friend stephen nelson sent me a copy of his amazing book thorn corners. the title is a poem in itself, the two words fit together so perfectly.

this is very much an indication of how the book goes on. from the visual poem on the front to the very last poem , it is a seemingly effortless example of how you do successful minimalist poetry. utterly flawless.

the introduction is an accurate and suitably poetic  summing up of the nature of minimal poetry. i'm flattered to see that he mentions what i said about minimalist poetry.   what he says is best summed up in this quote:

in the minimalist poetry i enjoy, words are magnetised, drawn together sound and shape. you may say letters are like particles- if they are moved by the observer, the poet, something unexpected. the reader is given a quantum surprise.  syllables are atoms, pulled together by sonic vibration to form molecules which combine to dance unusual patterns across the page.  

i couldn't have said it better myself.

the poems themselves are untitled and written in a clear font in a large print. they feel more like concrete poems then linier poems, but then great minimalist poems blend the visual poem and the linier. stephen's style of visual poetry, with the exception of the occasional foray into dirty concrete, is generally clean concrete, and it is something he is a master of. he knows exactly how to use the white space of paper. he has an instinctive beautiful (yes beautiful) feel for how to make the words float in space.

 this clear connection to clean concrete is very much apparent in thorn corners. there is a nebulous quality, and yet a solidity. there is a cleaness and a visual character to these poems. 

the way words and word fragments strike off each other at times and at other occasions connect is a big feature of these poems.  the re-arranging of word fragment, the use of homophones and deeply visual puns are expertly used in a prodigious display of poetic skill. there is not a foot put out of place. everytime i read it i find somthing new. it really is an amazing book and i would certainly recommend getting yourself a copy. or two. share it around;)

ranging from the witty to the profound, these poems are amazing. stephen is one of the greats, and this is a seminal tome. mark my words.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Saturday, 22 March 2014

rub or rubix

a clings confirms to a hold.

jurisdiction. a conformity to a seen pervasive.

iris cyclamen, a tor or a tear.

a cheek or  a skin. a womb of a bombast.

cream sore. jest of flakage.

 ecological torn of spools.

rain of bows.

hair of cerumen.

rings of toxic.

judge mystic bullshit.

groom and to forms and or survive.

a term-image.

profanity as vindication.

 iridecence as language.

language as thought grenade.

clangs a coform to an held.



Thursday, 20 March 2014

c. claiming egress. s.

      skin ridged.
lace þunder.

       preocupation wiþ

lung puckered resistance.
          on cause if course.

run differance or the pull.
        cling antagonism.

identity politik cream sensation,
       or irritation of the ball sac.

claiming egress.

roc cline.

i or i.

terms in.
      pour frottage.

verge ungent.
     glum rotation

intitles frames.
incineration contract.

and brane.
clings to misinformation.

just as if we'd.
un ontowards.

skein rode
     last under.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


junta envy.
    glimpses of protuberance.

roof tour.
   patriarchal air fresheners.

 lung balm
   gloombone. of honour.

just as gusto.
     cherubic  cube.

lung's fell of poison.
    drum title, a convergence

of privilege.
    crumbs of spoken.

more words
     mere worse.

glimpse if infernace.
    lopped of.

an intersectional

page irritation,
   an suplimeant.

biological entreaty.
     a semblance.

a tern of orbit.
  death of a syntax.

curb of envy.
  transformative influence.

Saturday, 15 March 2014


spaghettified strands of prolapsed brain
matter strung
 through cunt-fronds.

dappled moon mote guts the eye-glass.
 june drum beat metro parataxis, fumble
folded ungulates.

 parole over hard
parole en liberta.
microfoam in dermatitis.

gun gland, gun foam.
nelson quanta tears in tiers.
 smile imitation of tetris.

structure frames of praline overturns rain.
mutter strong
throw can't-friends.

Thursday, 30 January 2014


for stephen nelson

when turn.

gland screams enter, to enter or.
rivet expansive, sic, or tome.

clever levers inter inferance.
or sepulchre.

time traveled on turn.
move meant.

screwtop       of salt.


level overt.
ring twinnage.

glint schemes inter, on tour era.
rove et expensive, sickel, air tomb.


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sunday, 19 January 2014


the romance of the toungue.

trenchant false profanes
ever overboard, slinks into final.

charnel eyeflickers
cathode-ray brilliantine.
cream suits for suckers (or botox prolapses for

gun medal clangs un-clamoured osmosis.
trains monkeys to evoke free-market conditions
(or other articles of faiþ.)

and fluff unbungs toxic treat, ode of
under-age tonsils.

pill sticked pol pot peels back quandary
over boxticked indications of censure.
over wrung rungs of leaþer.
 ire sines of song or

done or unsought punctuation.
read out loud scratchings of the brain-pan.
heard in dialects of saw en sawed-off blasts of
letter clatter.

paragraphs of seduction.
chest hair tickling þe eye-lid.
oldy-wordy and oþer worldly.

scottish psychic projects teletext on night sky.
glimmers at huguenot.
affection for effect.

needlescars street pains.
hoodys in the hood.

double "o" mystery of
sherlock's decaying þought frame.

machine breaks up file forms or
broke un pleasing eddies of
text gifs.

of pages stained wiþ paper cuts.
of inconsistent morals of

of castration and the polemics
of  schizophrenics.
of retreaded nerve endings.

of offers of satisfaction ended
by sleep.
ordering language by classifications of

scum of scam
or scheme of schema
of schematics of scores

of sounds or of sense.
a separation of meaning and feeling.
a poetry of gum-smacking egg-suck.

invalidating quasi-orgasms in
sink basement cellar doors.
or mysteries of aesþetes.

of boring english poets
rehashing auden while missing out on blake.
comfy coffee table verse

sticks eyes to sleep and sleep to
radiant tones of polish street fare
zloty on zloty on zloty.

free-range experimentation.
tingles edge-burn insomnia and

dutch textures of sonoristic verb forms.
glum peels on axis paranoids.
glum oppositions to term tones

"offensive as is."

concrete letterism in
anthropomorphic worm slavers.
gleaming teeth on tongues pinked with interest.
adventures in free-form writing (jazz by any other name).

dioramas on wars that never took place by generals who
won a battle they lost.
meta-terms and post-grad obsequy.

  one last statemeant
on last one statemeants.

curves on a bell-jar show
academics don't know shit.
it's all in the runes.

trench foot pro forms
over everboard, splints onto finish.

ever more forcast
 þe poems þat never finish.
over o'er proclaimed shakspere

in the conservatism of the
bullshit poetry critic ( en daily heil pogue mahone)
 if cannot, right.

frameats of whirlpool frog tournequets.
a syringe of wolverhampton pond water.
an hundertwasserin tights.

pierced conversations of appealing
shapes in protoplasm.

forms or
im firms of

the romance
of the toungue.


Saturday, 18 January 2014




strip form

and change

stretched entreaty,
a  covering of hands.

shrink obsidian.
  texture iridescence
or  evocation.

sequence of management.
peels ever.
slippery tights.

letters of flutter.
turn of winsome.
you know of.

gone and to.
orgone and to.

gain teir
tear are
tear cheek.

someone's else you know.
just un if.
 cog and as.

glad to to of.
letter fructure.

fricative and have.
frottage of syllables.
and towards.