Wednesday, 30 July 2014

untitld (no e's)

a sun word.
 that pools and

fabric on rubric.
ton on polar rips,

spasm to iris,
  occurs by psychic provocation.

lungs un-furl.
falsetto ala mulatto-
buon moat (just a turn).

groundhog  abattoir
syncs abyss
or abbothood for an ontology .

a longing flick ring.
just adjust ad jist.

jizzm swats liquor.
a macadam dans la irish jig -
runs unburning towards an

a prank, a mast board

crank inflicts fiction on
furry fan cast-

or much to do or not.
an rank adagio

i am an synonym.
or am i un writ to
folk who don't look towards
missing books?

gurn  hay (na) kus at sun block
application balls.
in a lit construct, an  mismatch-ish mongol
molds a tool that cuts lips and grows mould on
tooth shavings.

an sans wards.
hat polls ant

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