Wednesday, 30 September 2009

insert witty remark here
im a messy poe't
a black flag and a fist walk into a bar, the barman says;

the biology of language part 2 (b)

monkey grinder produces sparks. this town isn't bugger for the both ov us. clean slate. treatise on the inside of ron silliman's pockets. lima,lima, charlie bravo. old fashioned organ with a vocoder tracheotomy. nix,nix,nix. lip fruit, limp seeds. environmentalists make me want to use lots of do you know? burnin' daylight. language-based masturbation is not a crime. glitch racket bell. riff off this. not along that line. if you sit in the middle of the road, all you get is run over. "rock'n'roll is the new poetry" *pfft*. i found god(he's in my bathroom snorting coke with the easter bunny and father christmas). pc double helix/ goths still grin. comic strip tease. the pixies still sound good. bubble feather. he can always find(charm) me with those beautiful eyes. i'm more fluxus then flarf! this red circle really doesn't have anything in it. got his mind pierced and a tattoo on his id. naivete was something i suffered from, but not now.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

the biology of language part two (a)

clip forage matrimony. heliotrope spirals sing through my fingers. ellipses vortex illusion. she is here. not on q. lepidopterist leopards. whistling nostrils. gland fir feature. if/to be/to perceive/to be perceived, if.... letters on a page evoke what? in need of change. only an our too go. not alarmed yet. is this fortunate? thesaurus margin. to continue to con-

in for paragraph break the linebroken. once you set a ball rolling, it cannot be un-rolled. paradox space filler. quieter then a mouse. heiress. time to kill. to calhoun, to fetch boxes. exhibit true treasure-out of a man's hand. all abused after acquittance. it will take some time. small paranormal references. snore in infrared. start making sans, serif. you are a full,fool.

Monday, 28 September 2009

fnnv (click to play)

swansong mandala

the second a visual poem becomes self-aware



sushi language. raw spittle. gristle on the stove. crumbling masonry. stab,fall,bleeed. totem war shipped. epicurean delights. go eat a dictionary.tequila doom. taller then you. scarecrow. paragreif. plane with feathers. psychotic teaspoon. his breath on your face. skin on skin. black cube. ubu pubis, astronaut fakir. just aske much. clean vocals, stained bleeps. vortex verdant. patent paid dent. decapitulation, defenestration. bullet gullet. language stripped bare by the balderdash,even. human compost. beethoven en plein air. plant plant plant. cute little thing. pert buttocks, gender unimportant. can-opener appendix. books for the file. flower petal painter. chase,chase owns me-body and soul. i used to know, but i've forgotton. could be the end, or couldn't be. perhaps.

Sunday, 27 September 2009




the biology of language part one

skin flick
blimp pall
rip tame

"i carry
my heart in my head
and my eyes
my soul"

inner eye


if he
he if?

lapis laser lye

moon howler
group clit


muscle spasms

the biology
of revolt.

sling yer hoch


as a machine

Saturday, 26 September 2009


wet with rain

lie alone

since shuffle climb limb. straight bare ring globe effervescent. peel lop-sided natter jade . fog horn modus operation fig fog faggot natural. pole vault conniving. spicy afar filter affair forever. not a worm. dog god goal gold fever. disc tom tapir tectonics. vellum parched meant. rejuvenate, exterminate. net gain, iron one. clever contraption. capitalist parasite. note use. emphasis mime, mine, divan rate. fool stopper sonic wrench. shadow birth. even bloated yes referendum.

Friday, 25 September 2009

literature overture.
see er
see her


Thursday, 24 September 2009

he was more impressed by the impression then the impressive.
wh u
splint er
splint er splinter
we sow
we reap whweat

the name game

kammel, konnal, o'conner connelly.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

for if
if for if

Space monkeys

space monkeys sent into orbit, by the hand of the state.

the hand of the state sent space monkeys into orbit by.

sent monkeys into space, hand by the orbit of state.

monkeys orbit the hand, by state space- sent into .


simple game. cod peace. 18th century, without the wig,still 21st. in not rose petals, then wet? cats and dogs, dogs and cats. my own personal timestream. lizard wizard. sniff sniff. broken. letter mail art, amyl heart. sleep forever, dreaming ,eyes closed. zen crossword inscribed on zombie back. nose, knows, noose. humane, all to humane. g/a/t/h/e/r. devise ion. beware of the god. there are no christians under foxholes. infinite space, finite life.there are no foxholes in atheists. grenade in the whole. pretty vagrant. adventures in thyme and misplace. cattle lift. a pint of larger. horse,hearse whose. too many sheets. fast enough. if ever remembered. dote sash epsilon.


going to be, been forgotten to if para twin wince glyph town

not towel bullet ‘rain icky ici sneeze paraplegic atzlan quetzal “quote

“ll mouse dandruff enema polish backdraft epigrams tote tot totter

worming through gladrags

cater totem just


ng o e, en tten o f ra n ce ph wn

t el llet n ky ci eze legic lan zal te

ll” use ruff ema lish aft rams te t ter

ing ugh rags

ter em st


goi t e, be forgot t i pa tw win gly to

no wel bu ‘ra ky i sne parap atzl que “quo

mo dan ene po back epigr to to tot

wor thro glad

ca tot ju


oin , ee gott ar wi inc lyp ow

o we ll ‘ i k c ee aple tzl etz “ o

“ll us ndru em olis ckdr ram ot o tt

rm ro dr

ter tot ju


just received a copy of Geof Huth and mIEKAL aND'S exelent "TEXISTANCE". amazing stuff. I'll definatly review it. still on the look out for more pwoermds. they can be ANY language. I'm always on the look out for articles, short essays and the like too. and if anyone has a poetry book or chapbook of their's they'd like reviewing , messege me and we'll see.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

adaw drg

drg serfes gdr

fyf rdfrf


slipped rings skirmish fratricide vampires fox dust brine eye letter repercussion
shrapnel butterfly wince afford punk tuition point onomatopoeia representation
pile on peel unpeel graffiti stale steal concrete tarmac semen lightlit tether wrist
blade toxin toxic massproduction glean worker gleam splinter slopes angel glyph

rutschte ringe

scharmützel brudermord


fuchs staub salzlake auge

schreiben rückwirkung splitter schmetterling

zusammenzucken leisten punk nachhilfe punkt lautmalerei

vertretung stapel auf schale graffiti abgestandene

stehlen beton asphalt samen hell

beleuchteten haltegurt handgelenk

klinge-toxin toxisch

wassenproduktion lesen

arbeitnehmer glanz splitter

pisten engel glyphe