Wednesday, 23 September 2009


going to be, been forgotten to if para twin wince glyph town

not towel bullet ‘rain icky ici sneeze paraplegic atzlan quetzal “quote

“ll mouse dandruff enema polish backdraft epigrams tote tot totter

worming through gladrags

cater totem just


ng o e, en tten o f ra n ce ph wn

t el llet n ky ci eze legic lan zal te

ll” use ruff ema lish aft rams te t ter

ing ugh rags

ter em st


goi t e, be forgot t i pa tw win gly to

no wel bu ‘ra ky i sne parap atzl que “quo

mo dan ene po back epigr to to tot

wor thro glad

ca tot ju


oin , ee gott ar wi inc lyp ow

o we ll ‘ i k c ee aple tzl etz “ o

“ll us ndru em olis ckdr ram ot o tt

rm ro dr

ter tot ju


1 comment:

pszren said...

somehow I tend to find meanings from different languages in this poem.

the poem is really deep. I'm moved.