Wednesday, 16 September 2009


a suitable soundtrack for a holocaust. universe pillow feat. knuckles massage face. randomizer set and running.hell for lather. grinning at the impending doom. conservative minds are always closed, while anarchist minds dare to dream. jellybaby soldiers play hop-scotch to hip-hop. hollow optimism for hilaire belloc. I AM NOT A RHUBARB. baby born under mushroom cloud. gingivitis man. somnambulist statement. penguins in penguin suits. a certainty on parade. 'pataphysics for pachyderms. the drumbeat goes ohm! blotting paper acid in my pocket. glean the information. rastafarian egalitarian. a dart to the neck. you are wurmfood. a poem in the dessert. i use the terms i like, and abandon the ones i don't. puzzle shoes. cross swords, crust sores. spiral spiral fractal bedsheet shit. if it isn't it is and if it is it isn't, isn't it? i'm a goth, i'm a goethe. spelling mistakes in yellow,please. a flower that fell in love with the sun (paraphrase). goose step, duck step. blancmange mange on the fox vox. going out in a minute. a million mariah cary imitators and so few actual singers. i'm not here, if i'm here. i am a paradox, he said. this is not verse this is parabolic indecision.

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