Saturday, 30 January 2010

)(dumb throat -(sequence the third)(for daniel f bradley and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen )(


cliff turn drop pall second prize fortuna smiles snicker take brocade snippets of sensation turn alarm alert today per chance to scream f/e/n/c/i/n/ apples at the beginning a thick band of snow a quick brand of thievery's now just as if by magick eye hi i eye cane canna canada a little motley connection american hope trick so i can poor prizes for sloppy seconds instructions for more ructions innovation with no hesitation leave leave leave show what we went cling to brahma dreams


constantly trying something stroke victim evicts stoke victor got to got to go if in turn we through repeated themes in so what when we go for when we go for through so if we got to go for strips pages foreword in book spreads tip-ex on letters pressed black through white for though perspex insert rational rope palindrome raucous racecar rollover punctuation only gets in the whey warts'n'all spooks horses tools togas in bona homie polonie polari polo next to schemes for ferrari bubble bath brain scold fold dodecahedron skin wrinkles


hiss in heat turn through clockwork laptop scuzzy nocturne pillow trap sorts captain beefheart's cotton poop hatch into alphabetical asemics monk trip leads to straight jackets clean road crazy play thing wode play extraordinaire linguistic root attached to tree road to know where cloud just soil partition leakage strobe gorgon golgotha so dyslexic testing american ufo database just gist jiizm india role in egg says 60's vampire hang over reverb roach tip legalise i.


singing syringes dance over absinthe tip turn wallet spike soul sole minerva alarm tweet twats into overdrive piledriver recharge battery chickens scratch veneer to uncover wolves at the door stock exchange parcel for parcel slimmer coin toast pre exchange sinister re entry ska scar skins kate bush in nylon mist if or ask or as or is or isn't or mystic hysteric the child with a man in his eyes or is not a flag disguised as a sky fit end of the wedge regent plastic hand gun gone.


mist form full impish drain gold radical ail chemical opulent diuretic red coal java slap grievous just demolition intifada slog nexus oral re approach evidence features creeping hold actual oval socratic compact system pile up system sister nation imperative balderdash per pore peel chumblies so-called freak ninja appendectomy could cold opera jack see static vocab rote insular jacuzzi kool-aids slip sonic penumbra olive atacks attacker attack-ee forum fold issue all kinds.

Friday, 29 January 2010

)(dumb throat -(sequence the third)(for andrew topel and Gustave morin)(


pairs of items or pears of eye tens or purrs of high pens or peers of e-10's or pores of aiden's or pods of auden's or bods of haitians or buds of raisins or buns of rations or puns of lesions or pins of legions or pans of aleutians or pits of alsatians or pats of illusions or pets of lilliputians or picks of liverpudlians or pics of liver pud lions or picts of lover pied licence or piss of love pi incense or piston of loathe pie insects or pecan of eye incest or peeking of i invest or peking of hi insist ore.


twist twixt turn tor revolve earth reverting to typeface insular or reticular werewolverhampton moon kissed deeds go untold while naked in a locked bunker office orifice in rat tern turns slinks down slinky stare case encased hold all hold all old return en reverb tracks tell-tale foot printing press of letraset and anubis sing fiscal exuberance inter rim road to abacus experience tree top leap to leap hop trip trick eyes into seeing auras to be is to be perceived prattle no more peewee herman has returned to the consternation of the nation constellation of poetry to be performed.


like a hotel lift i have not one a return to child hood howling at the loon forget for go turn prints into piquant civilisation revolves around letters sings detritus for form tungsten man eats tortoises when police dare not move in movie lights ligature recharges ahead forgoes intellect teach other forms or firms of beacon beckoning the sirens singing island ire land in land screams bloody murmur skill list gist ism solo lego recaps so-called idea factory fat torie cameron ca maroon zoot suits me nick cave like a secular preacher spouting passion from corpuscles.


only holy holey hullabaloo hinterland lifts feet foot thumped three thought thawed balloon fuzzy white in square bird burrs head strong goal trendy electronic beat thumping through brain circuits phasing into the tesla coil bolts turning wheels stimulating synapses starting evolution sneaky peek into mind works twin twists zombie shoppers all ways ready to bi ring cistern slot control cholesterol butchered killed and massacred the end the beg gin ning s tart need le r itch leave sta in leaves a m arc rebounds against w all reduced to component l e t t e r s.


to or of on if or to en on or as on to on is on to on or on to is to on it if or of if or if of of or if if or on is it or on of or on to or to if on of is on of or if on or is in or on in or is in no or on in if on in on or on on or on if in on or of on in on or on on or on on on in or is on is on on on is or is on as is as on on as if on as in as if as on on in on is on of is on in is in on on of or on of or on in of in or on on is on is id or id or id is id on in id is or if on is on is in on in is on on in is of is if on is in on id is on is is id.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

)(dumb throat -(sequence the second)(for derek beaulieu and stephen nelson)(


braxton puff blow feed feel right a cacophonous bard brewing stewed voices brave brave in american cell ropes steeple hands stretch ligaments pull twist fractal counter-economics a still beating heart in my hand loathe to torch cling film makers nightmarescape escapes bled all over his t shirt bird flap avant-jizz inky pit lips torn the counting while listening to the residents there woods were words while there wars were worse slip team teeming with lease un live lights concrete total text texture tesla in the machina rope born burns bred brawn bright skull church just for foam fun feel free to open ideas issue spittle letter formations shouting dutch man rattles out phonemes regardless of syntax create forward motion stutter shut or shutter strut.


technicolour rape scape scrapes iridescent yolk halo evanescent soul soldier sole man seal moan scottish bolero rictus grain saturate xerox scalp itches etches mexican monopoly metre out morning holds in hands folds frames frowned glass rims ginger folding leather wings wage for even ether ropes turn slight attraction slop schlock blood grain groan gone gold fever patch sister firm form farm folk severs attachment reeks bare ring gusts bubble bench barber prosody snaps spastic bag goons forwards for words libidinal pixie t rain stop stout stern retribution plural peel roar action banshee bollocks broad rush strokes satellite stat let starlet.


gist into granny cake strove for british voices from forced palimpsest facebook as mind parasite collection pours feeling into small confines efficacy a three jazz " i only speak two languages: english and bad english" daemon green cream japanese mass sadism slick lagging regular trips to mars in 1967 so what wet rover getrude singer shouts apollo wing weave free know about black metal circle the globe mining heads mars just ghastly wind dust bedevilled wind ex california so suds soap father further y shaped rod recharges sperm counter leaf lid solo cake caked with dust up the isis osiris asylum leer jets spend sea golly fish aviation cyst savour so.


scream seat seed sole soul worker in the lit ist sim sits system coal a new current in british poetry pretty prattle toke token jagged world forgot yellow vaguely aware altitude re form thoughts sits split "s" decent mcguinne spooked gored got reel role raid fog heard experiment didn't tell nose ring rink god injure in u're your young copulation margin cool to the touch inside midget people who were 3 feet tall just as if we were text speakers blaring sound under sound sunned netting caught fire dead astronaut a nazi flag on the moon dust turns ants into vampires slinks mad dog rips through wire fence jump out windows gust aghast a ghost if whatever.


exchange twelve grey blue nails into dead red grooves in yonic surface felled to saucer hair on skinned zipped up the bag most of them are ours cringe at thought if this is german techno lights cannot replicated bump it up to gravity up to wave flow green locus unstable molecule if hazed forgo story stories above below be low blue lowe aviation ministry mars mooned forgo intestines bob lazar laser spring mine mime meme motor oil if ever indifference sings had dismantled and an unintelligent designer eats thyroids train gourde slip open exact spot of oh if when spotting their auras green like pee soup good mourning one before the break jaded fooled.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

random image.

)(dumb throat -(sequence the first)(for geof huth and matt dalby)(


screen skrull skull perplexed ovoid inter foreign belt beadle cochlea shirt beads into atlantis arthritis intercedes amongst insects told for pre-lapse audience of zombie prawns pawns rehearsal drones ticker take parade pole to police to polish to polish to poison not worth war warps modes mentalis mother forgoes vinyl rip chord in sound feels iffy old adage nu under new moon lit warp reference grip forge slaps flesh rough round steel bone parlence groan slacker.


in hospital boat road death walks for ward for word she didn't leave much of her left re pete spins web accord re chord insurrection conformity corroded by symbols on page alpha numerical beat beets american - insert pop culture reference here- favourite comedian co-medium parlance hermetic detective ingests holistic dirk groan patter of tiny meat hands solo dead or a life lice under scalp and end a worm between teeth shall lay lay dumb throat.


gog got god got godot got golf got goad got goal got gone/before begat be free begat belfrey / so what were wars were words were we wow well when whiff when sir drench lips salve lotus lexical ( in)durance a pot-et in his own wright solo agitations fingers under glass folk off of either of or when i could though then there their gift giving snake in the cannabis slips there is no air or no error no ah oar no near misses only his hits has hats hazmats hoopla and all invited.


in meaning for moaning for differing fur lathering few leather ring arrows is arrows is arrows scold interference in want of a better word the horse is sack cloth man rapes choir buoy if is cone boy dunne why do it question remark murky epilogue inter views the author straight from plot to plate too plod toe plaid meet team time meat moat more moor man morman merman mermaid hair of the dog got the hat got the get the got the gateau re charge your battery assault your senses inclined with light a dope smoker on a dollar bill reclining rude o'really.


leaves of grass indicate pages in thin strips in thin straps on fan traps all roll all role ol' role leak or lacquer or liquor mud wrestling the banned mud music never seemed an eye on a printers fast for feats for feast fierce black lantern lectern a preacher talking about his imaginary friend a leap of thief or a lax disorganisation of facts without frocks mimetic huthian meme means a cultural version of a gene (bore be bop a lalla dawkins) cream of the cream chrome of the crab kroll on the crack oh the krill interrobang umbrella a blue box within a blue box.

the avant garde is spheroid


Monday, 25 January 2010

iff age

distance partition "quote" unquote river bread forge uncanny unknown fold feature open down vampire jaw in ichor ink blood full fall injection the word of worlds in tune with wive wove moab baker information canada pool props swinger swallow's tale propeller entertainment told pour joke jerk camera cinema take tertiary fold out base balled bowel skin a man skunk slinks into overdrive ogles penis pimp viagra for the brain good act tress sold silver joint through straight jacket reads known sense language in tor meant cyberman regains contour couturier patriarchs global pork slate scores material linger age robes go along hole success hoods trick tricky tic tick toy soldier skull and boats chapter slinks 322 ochre theory overlord bc vocoder annunaki asterisk chord torque ratchet nurse bruise in forward compartments first microphone in vagina hearst man haven impro zorn more just yellow jacob navajo narrative the price is left behind born bold bitumen berg what watt wheat sheathe rubber rover boon muggy moon buggy bone moggy mold moulde ripe diary connections in mole gets cancer diary pebble person overdrive.

brown suger

spring joint part pass infusion microbe glad tetris earth quag bird which forward hip curve round chest corner clove ingest rocket hollow ear teeth alphan grope longer etrigan pyramid gloat upending beheading concave organisation organ isiah take propane implemented field sheet sheik rogue oligarch broken arch fast ford infer interference bauble sort yellow wyatt earth drone empirical odour barge balderdash ed peoples police equivocation grey autopsy sputnik leave bode forgo incense slap apse rotund gourde inturn enclave clavier shunt border belly bidden button beckon viva avarice intuition slots moon sun drain son ordain fish hat hate haiti saxophone colostomy page she'll he'll heal heel hurt turn rate gouge elephantine proboscis sort of official overt man lip population disturb text open to multiple moanings throbbing organism atheistic awakening earth mother moon father colombian same-sex invocation obsidian "quotation" vegan cannibal.



I keep meaning to add more pictographic/collage based non-verbal(semiotic) textual elements in my visual poems like I have done before and used to originally. i must start doing so more. i'm a little too concrete for me at the moment and should experiment in getting more non alphabetically visuo-linguistic again.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

collage complete
footage of razor blades
i of you


gaunt throw piece belongs downstairs look spiral feel broad snaking twist torn stitch off of turn ritual locket retribution zodiac ossify eternity in an hour glass figure out what you might bulging through the seems like i could counter claim ritual foam brake indicate intern roller laid minarchism is for idiots job java slot interest margin carson super nova star star store stern ground from dome parlance cut away camera trick shrieking kamikaze shoot guitar punch sitar sloppy absconds folder pain robe absalom strident music in words whirligig ambulance botox buttocks cacophony astrix vacant t-shirt tattoo spiral engramme lolapalooza snorkel darth voter sure sore sir sirra schlock never ending stories above the ground soil beneath his feat twin teat penis envy dracula vs blacula bozo the crown hippo hyper dermis headlamp horns under helmet scrotum tickler frustrated form hunger who the who the whom come either look intimate firm glasses felix pullover trench re-worn first fist forest feudal zipped zipper paradox in torn who la hoop.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

in day go
in they go


cease concern colon recharge zodiac vole jujube reanimation slots insular socks souffle zone polack read instrument solo seed fist zack soc suiter sortie synthesiser foreplay rotor blade fellatio plum stick role glacial cheesy vomit text toured hair tong tool leap boy back bola slop collage impresario microphone emphysema zulu mandragora helix zoot strut hotel mole poppy ibrahim saxon martyr loopy relapse televangelist moloko up fantastic tree leave rope boon forge form carcinogen aura.

for daniel f bradley



really loved the latest issue of fmachinery (as i always do). great work from Joshua garagan, Spencer Selby, David Baptiste Chirot, Marco Giovenale, John M Bennett (ft.Andrew Topel) and of course the always amazing Gustave Morin (always delighted to see work by him, never seem to see as much of his work as i'd like). visual poetry as i like it best, black and white and dirty. awesome as always. should send Daniel some work at some point. really need to put together wurm. just a bit busy at the moment. i'm starting uni again in a week or so.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010



spell "luminous" with your tongue removed glib patter floats through rooms enshrined in mahogany death in the cafeteria slot / slot / slot rope begins as a noose ends as a light bulb tumour in throat tendrils scratch brain teeth totter railing against shadows tape machine cluttering cluster fuck aztec god awakens, trashes a shopping mall it was an eternity ago slits wrists to let the text out rolling stoned conditioned folder imprint finger print posters werewolves in business suits howling at a mcdonald logo so good goad fog letter increment media manipulation dulls b rain chased by pornographers heel of hell hound assists asthmatic page turner hope descend decent entrench face hist add rome drawn droog acid dropper dope rib in curtain metal brain pan pole hold frame derailing the deranged venereal fox hunters collectivist corn dog legal locomotive gorgon ahoy tentacles and pentacles shoulder key forwards immune insular re traceable bailout candy.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

occult book stores
bigger then
the beatles


skull skill rights enveloped within shade grows wings and flocks of geist sinful preoccupations with natural feelings indicate guilt complex conflicts with official "evidence" ingrained tow hail got to over throne sick on porpoise later then late or latte than latter jackalope onto inter ether para para parrot wolf glee ingrains oh yeah boom moon nubile boys in raccoon masks slap and stroke showing up in the ashes poor and illiterate people hear voices in their showers him with coinage axis of thelema needle to the record vein audio circuits circus first thing that appears in his head sermon on the mounting the pavement and killing pedestrians well red academic in socks scandal passive restraints kids bipolar bears in leather and levi bars in buried bibles exhumed and inhaled love handles all lopped off ears smoked doors with men with ropes and sticks behind them internet contractions wholes in the woodwork speeds after butterflies sinister throat tattoo traces lines on scholar's forehead original fate train networks on java flowing prudence flower flow er reaps oxident awful foreknowlage india vampire ink blood a finger drawing scarlet scars in the floor.


Monday, 18 January 2010

heart/hurt : fragments/ fragrance

if i love
if i love
if i love
if i love
he must
if i love
he must
be worth


and if we
at some point
if we point
at some point
and if we
if we
at some point
we point
at some
if we point
we point
at some


form and in
if form

in form if in

and form



if in

form and if.

sffse joijo


Sunday, 17 January 2010




against metal
flesh against flesh

theremin probe

free tip form flap groan spasm snake total tic vacate in difference slope and time lacks sticks soul soil ingrains evolution volutes jazz age toxicity steam semen sold effervescent (beware be were) solar parataxis god of goals (life never seemed so narcoleptic) since invasions evade envelopes chance dice don’t’aint turn form frost under roof ledges seems sieve i.e.: plus mean us ivory licks time open hola hollow wolf bait green ferengi fungus masada sextant evasion run away derek bejeesus snoop expose deaf coffin cough vague arse hoops devon musician horns hand signal base feeds basic b.s clerical hair whore service improvisation century yellow tide basilica vacate present course of ether either or if difference pre tells experience important heart hearth hermetic receptacle umbrage pools below knees incense twirls nostrils emotes with cheek bones bombards letters to paige goat given throat instrument pierces glans malleable sole occupant anus entertain opulence guitar key pole fix centre for center decent descent stoops to prayer logical cortex label form snoops tome.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

vice sowed tusk pole en

eat tree

room from zone spill spring hedge roller blames sense dunder flabbier gasted head research philadelphia headache shrink step dollar total rex xerox censor cypher hold peel rip tone ginger avenger slot in tween snigger rioter blows snakes attack alone shark seeds re-seeds reseals made hoppy george gorges brandenburg lots feed fedr all slope interned transformed firm flotilla into palimpsest palin incest rictor roller blade explosion seed said solar imperfection sonar beetle brow actually dictionary rotation needs perfecting hollow southern atheist shake alone re partake intake aghast chamber freedom palling victory cigarettes centre center recant protestation church dirge.




unititled visual poem