Monday, 23 September 2013

the tyne machine

texture as if to describe.
forms demarcated in window.

streams luminescence.
ears prickle

tongue waters. emote
dryad inter babylonian

settee scratchings.
 cave face inscriptions.

words as sincere
as irony.

language is meaningess.
 pools invert optics.

murmers sperm.
dribbles plancton.

spools irredescence.
jagged forks of what if.

 tupelo spills rain waters
and leaves at the route.

a þeist pondscum.
dreams as if to commit acts.

points of canto.
glints ontowards

labels plane contour.
labial rabbi tunes forked canton.

laced with nasal fumage.
judder jinx/ parley with ingrates.

grants fungus voting rights.
and un attach lapel.

volk muzack.
vacuous sputum.

text as if to inscribe.
form demarcation in wind.

Saturday, 21 September 2013


roar error.
or re or.

or an or
or en roar

roar or rural
or ah ural.

r en or
ure an or-

or aural oar
or an oral ah.

en roar
or en or

an or
 or an

an or
au an

an you an
and an an

and a an.
or re an or.

or un and are.
and is

and is
and is.

is and an or.
and an is nor.

nor and  is.
is an and or.

and or
and or

and or

raw is
is raw

is raw

is raw

and an
and an
and an

and an
are an

or an
 and a nor

nor and and
an and and an or

or and
an end.


tinsel regard.
gland foreboding-

turn sin torn
turns in turn.

crimes unclimb

un up limb or
from climb,

on frame clamber.
on ram limber

air am timbre.
are an  in re.

tonsil derriere.
  land for abode in.

undust tree

þumb birþ. juggernaut indrid
þorn. livid is as turning. 

to uproot. under fix form.
 level glade. gunman molecule
    sneaks intake to form.

glands prostrate
or pro strata.

text interstitial of form.

blub bulb.
 gender insists

texture bi-line
 interlay vertex  told.

numb burp. jagger naught in dread.   porn- live id
as is torn in gene.

engine form turn ling, gone and ice flaps. 
never and form and tunnel.

Friday, 20 September 2013

my blogger account appears to be fixed ! hurrah!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Monday, 2 September 2013

pleats of froþ

texture of þorn.
laþer of iridescence.

turns to impure

changes flesh to froþ,
 froþ turns to flake,
flakes unto flocks,

wellpapered turns of urge.
urges of terns.
clank of capitol

measured dreck of
plumes pixelate shining lids.

wings engage,
slam forwards þe heads
 slain fur words þe hads.

gall of pubis,
 or fronds of eros -

errors off  þistles,
  þistles of apostles
apostles of apocypha,

apocypha of apostophes,
apostrophes of episodes,
episodes of  epicenters.

shake  earþen soils,
of piercing
   off posing,
        of opposing

change flash to flush,
lush burns to lakes,
lakes unto locks.