Monday, 2 September 2013

pleats of froþ

texture of þorn.
laþer of iridescence.

turns to impure

changes flesh to froþ,
 froþ turns to flake,
flakes unto flocks,

wellpapered turns of urge.
urges of terns.
clank of capitol

measured dreck of
plumes pixelate shining lids.

wings engage,
slam forwards þe heads
 slain fur words þe hads.

gall of pubis,
 or fronds of eros -

errors off  þistles,
  þistles of apostles
apostles of apocypha,

apocypha of apostophes,
apostrophes of episodes,
episodes of  epicenters.

shake  earþen soils,
of piercing
   off posing,
        of opposing

change flash to flush,
lush burns to lakes,
lakes unto locks.

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