Thursday, 17 October 2013

on towards it

clung gorn sun fete.
level of forms.

re-tread eightfold

leaps in spheres.
drone form.

fill lips untowards
call sunnage.

crash curse

glib sword quill
 þunk overpore.

grinds ore pours.
sting in tinsel.

cling gurn sans fate.
leveled off firms.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

boom gurn full flap.
jest interposed until.

fill puddles with
unstepped drill paralax.

rogue mountain
underturn trappist.

foot awash
beale tongue.

crank ball
atrophied  brain-sac.

clung to track.
rope under hinterland.

boon gorn fall alp.
just undisposed onto.

end marr

gun pull.
deal of tor.

golden crevice
 steal of form.

steer un.
an in for.

weed in far.
cling inter para recedance.

bung ball.
phonetic tipsyness.

rung stall.
raetic  þumb blunder.

grain tickle
  grant clear.

babble  þumper.

gin pill
  dole off tour.