Sunday, 28 February 2010





pot storm 9

gleam glean
smoke snooker
is or as or if or i.v
ginsberg in the street
streaker on pitch (white on black)
in my dead reckoning brain
nude boy, smooth in my bed
engender gander goose whipped
who would do this on his own
angry at the government
doppelgangerists rejoice, rejoice doppelgangerists
real sensitive, utah
strange voice
end of the wormed
just genome
gland pixie
biology sturm
satyr tithe totter
page flicker
close your ears
turd turn
split mistake
jay club
seance forgets
servants savants
sci-fi beliefs
on rollerskating
peace loving hippy
permeating society
8-12 percent
groan moving oval parameter
stroke porcelain
grip lever
tolerance vacate
end game
ambient sound track
mormon moron
fleet trick
stork creases
attack singer
soap aitkin
leather daddy
denim sun
texture torture
jewish buddhist
lip surface
jet's eye
get a brain morans!
if or either
"jeremy inserted a drill bit
into his jap's eye
and proceeded to
utterly maim himself."
release realise
pleasant bacon
crate carin

Saturday, 27 February 2010

pot storm 8

linguistic genocide
green quote
poe pole
soon scoot
vertigo ground
listen to it
operatic division
steven patrick
just to see, just to see
oh, so many illustrations
sic end or sick bend
groping at a possibility
singer stumbles
shanty town
microphone diuretic
waist sting or time
made up air monde
the closer i get
jet steams
bend or barda, brent hair barter
school transformation
book club bulb blub
foot beaver
phallic testimony
plaster of parasite
alone at lest
vada eek keep dada
blood gut
plastic spastic
charade sharon
member mambo
glass teat teeth
mutualist understanding
faced with the complexity of the human eye
great animal fila
dream boom
snap praxis
lined whatchmaker
greg groan
planted golly wig
stop gapped.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

pot storm 7

chokes on dicks
cash refunds
eyes abound
letter flutter
chain won't come off
rap incontinence
bullet embargo
steam bunk
wales ahoy
stutter stat
number won
calligraphic tattoo
ruined for good
transsexual lesbian
loathe it or leaf it
latched on to his throat
feed his pain
yes, sore
glandular either
as mastiff
dead zone in head
forget all
ayn rand was an evil bitch
creosote gland
solo egoist entropy
capitalism as plague
ghosts in the machine
soon guarde
skywire vip
book bullshit
snap decision

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

should be her
inference mine
in shower
as been

pot storm 6

fierce as fuck
embolism apostasy
sheen reliant
opera glasses
spark crutch
just mention it
have to stay
lack history or herstory
just as if just
hip-hop hip-op
grinder mane
slop braggart
toll trench
collage cock
snap slop
scrunchy fisting
hair bell ball
prince albert in a can
hook rose
book burner
free peyote
drab limb
filthiest person in the world
milstead molested millstone
sure short
still in hi school
sheer shorts
mushroomed and snowballed
should indicate firmness
too much for some people to take
shoot reverb
unheard goat herd
an hour to go
slick wiley
john wayne in drag
puccini through earphones
shoulder pads and baby wipes
snooker cue shagger
you can throw stones in a perspex house

Monday, 22 February 2010

pot storm 5

always trouble
steam ford intrinsic
print work
horror show
squirm work
teeth fall out
groan grail cup coke
snapper alert
controlled substantial
fire alarm fetish clubbed
coal fur
influenced creatures in themselves
access in or egress out literature
saw nick cave in safeways
zipper lips
minogue roller tongue
sistine chagall
songwriting? songwriting
extra-curricular behaviour
shouted orders shouting authors
not noted for his nicety
changing theorem
reverse prefered
teak tea
"when all else fails"
eyes hurt
soul peep
snack taxonomy
change heal
feels in his mouth
grope clock clog
works or re-works
wipe oil from canvas
screen bandit
cheating others cheats yourself
you do somthing to me
crime mea culpa

Saturday, 20 February 2010

pot storm 4

i run for the bus,dear
he named his dildo marcus
luke, i am your mother
son beams jack daniels
denial is a thorny issue
brain excretion
cross bread
unleash the bees!!
stop gap
trope enliven
cold rope
driven so
lone chocolate chip
angle wing
axis university
i wonder if i do
give up! give up!
just think he's fit
lol e-pop
i remember my dog bites
mouse kittens
shadow sorts
lobotomised children
dribble blather
execs excess access
worse horse sporren
keel cut
mushroom angle
regard alarm
erection of buildings
skull school
chocolate malt
ripe burns
hits ears
doesn't understand
scalp case
nice eyes or ice isles
pit pony
niggardly hey hay
riff rip return
crap superhero
british itch
great rind
rotella tears papers
groan gotcha
bran fakes
broke back mounting
hairy lags
ossified eatery
sneak snack snake

a different face but the words never change




Friday, 19 February 2010

pot storm 3

about faces
en grain vision
east side long beach
13 chairs
in my uterus
blood sausage
canada shelf gun
do ex-machinery
popery potpourri
attacks bigots
depressed repressed
sun soon soul song
what would geof huth do?
amongst the trees on an island, surrounded by a lake
for seasons, ceiling for all eternity
gap linkage
jean gene e
snacks zone
the 13th piller
african gold,mine
wings replete
shaun shawn
they didn't
is is is
pool pol pot pour
mothers of darkness
pit pool fellatio
cringe isn't
just odour
dennis the menace
skin bandage
hoopla loup-garou
teeth retreat
nerves were just , like, on fire
not aloud
dislocated zones
canada en plein air
schizophrenic polka
short or der

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

tin tree tonne tray ten trey.
or i'll
hear or i'll
i should, but i'm not going to.

pot storm 2

difference in size
forgotten worse
after affects
cry tiers
map reader
body,mind forgoes
too haitian
acquired phrases
thi's isnt worse!
i can d'o this
slip sideways
nice ice nigh eyes
spy satellites from north korea
u shirt
merkin top
not nor not nor not
cochlea cunt
snips stream
sold paradox
not every story needs a moral at the end
attack of the 50ft lesbians
pole stir
dungeons and dogons
my brother and i
imaginary fetus
ripped skin
really want to go for
thick or thing
puny shin beats
war? huh!
is still in the heeling business
soup loup
male mole
heir tight chamber
as above, so below
she'll he'll
numerous cover versions
scrawl on paper sheet
blue hugh you blew
strum gathering
comp lex.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

pot storm 1

case specific suicide
numb thumbs and bleeding teeth
chess bored squid
youtube leprosy
dust bothers
insecticide in his drink
glitter tongue
spiral cut
interrupted music
improvise a fit
soul shoulder
wring worm
aye whole
seed rap
solo solace
get ready soon
"'the hell are you?"
punctuation missive
tile slap
what is reading without form?
over milked tea
night walk
vampire umpire
shift shtick.

Monday, 15 February 2010

ice vague

for John Moore Williams

intrinsic forget lie insinuate
storm in a coffee cup
mystic fibrosis
word game, game word
camera insists eyes don't lie
hand bleed retrieve notion
still insists on this
great to be all live
moss spelled
texture postcard received
lips pervade
free-way ricky ross
can concur cuckold
sound in sound
miracle marijuana
shoe shoot
big bang letter swarm
tear him a new whole
has a cage in his bedroom
robbery bungled by paper weight
chain chain shame
secret agent drug dealers
convex nerve
collage engravings
critical relay
dr manhatten's left testicle
barbecue queef
fallout coy
since he
or as
if or
could be considered
paper flip asterisk
ball ligament
i've been their
wing wang
hedge works
american psychosomatic
front back lobotomy.



Sunday, 14 February 2010

cu out





hellbound talk

capitalist fruit cake (or rebellion for sale).

african chinchilla kabuki numb nuts shame limb advertisement kestral protection slow mast placate biological mandrake soon zoom old lose envelope tolerate fake endemic epidemic hyper vole equation mouldy mind meld misses missed mist partake flick java nixon nixed sound incised incisor echo note brook screamo gender agenda game twink poke hook hole mexican superhero sarcastic coat herder sneeze sound heart joust chakra improvise atrophy apostrophe altercation fisticuffs for christ retreat modernist modem impala scottish influence insists on pocket battleships shop the addict into over lay snacks en root hatefull hat full eye op rate groan slack index astral philosopher hoax slot snooty leading edge totalitarianism living fire fu manchu pope sticks at chops steam i dry.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

birthday poem for Moribund Facekvetch (originally published in unedited form on facebook)

as if to perceive.insulation an so an so.written in ink or. solace in. eye dream. skin on hook. authoritarian feet. language in snow. subliminal bullhorns. push and pull. cultural drowning. dropping neologisms from helicopters.wide spread of dimensions. reptilian prime minister. collage college. after the invasion. firm implosion member. free form jazz xerox dance act. scraping his heels. yes or no? no winners and no one will survive.taped up box. twist round fences. question mark tongue scraper. line in the stand.wrote with vocal chords. thought projection in supermarket. removal of the state. to be or not to be continued. if it is. axes of evil. stands on books, books on stands. gleaming teeth. a reindeer on a stamp. pull to open. snow again. if answered with.a preliminary assassination. unstable vowels. recharge your battery eggs. drops acid and then picks it up again - burns fingers. hallowed ground white canvas.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

greener passages.

breasts are not a universal constant. echo an effort. police margin. how does it feel to be loved? non indent offer identity. it spreads the lotion on its skin unless it wants the whores. got to offer decision. i am a recording . a miming accident. don’t cry for me ford cortina. hard to articulate. armchair resistance. aggregate assurance. questioning the enlightenment. a racist pyramid scheme. escorts him out of the room. why would i be friends with that parasite? a mash-up meld . mouth and mouth, mutt und mutt , motto end metal. body-popping pop pickers. incisor margins deflate. frog rain frog room rune. mind in motown. pre-text for war. figured she was making good money. gonna shoot my baby down/ caught him messing around/ messing around town / with another man. straight is straight, or is straight straight? peppered with expletives. scheme scream. improvised extermination. failed abortions as a text. china propping up states of state. phallic misinterpretation. rooter blade. tween not. health sylph. ground bacon. modal underachievement. must investigate superhero. greer gear glottal stop. arrogance is a common feature for governments. situationist turnpike. isn’t an ism or an isn’t? feminist appendectomy. synesthetic anaesthetic . gourde god got more shoes. bimboid parataxis. is not saying it’s a good thing. more of a sound peon. ghost writer committed suicide. language eats itself. original evil aphid. sent sparks zapping up your face. damn dirty ape. from sappho, through to auden. becomes the subject matter. basted you with butter. boot face. useless consumption. ever over or all over. saved as a pdf. gross underachievement. grainy broadcast. sense as censor as sensor. thought removal. it isn’t really. number one. couldn’t see it. row of people holding hands. independant opinion. dyslexic game show host. dancing with a couple of musicians. third-world counter revolution. too damn normal. a knife to finish off the gristle.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

ephort 2





all texts are political? or pour since for fecal misery. endangered. repeat for clarification. soaks through shirt. into pacified level of realism in ink sketch. diagram of glossolalia. more complicated formats get in the way of the words. said he'd found someone else. forgetting (everyone but me). feel like a photocopy of a photocopy. distance perturbed by afterthought. fall over through thought. shut up or eat wordage. i's have iron. grip petulance of. procreate through cell division. wishing doesn't make it happen. newsletter in french. forbush man for bush, bomb bombay. teach tots to tap-dance. listening to the radio tinfoil on the aerials or the areas where the words settle on the carpet. a return to punctuation or a punctual puncturing of voice stream. no central. continuation of thought and no single narrative. is surprisingly all right with what she said. foreskin between my teeth. lid on his head. groan or grind. tire wet or wire tet. decides descent is another one. collage for andrews. twilight guy is ugly. enlightenment darkens doors. geek teeth repeats here.forgotton parcel. hear or her. hurt or hair. halo without wings. melt teeth. close down now.

Monday, 8 February 2010


centre state pull of uvular craig grain world global globular level deep sneak snack cringe italy system seeds solace forgets slight endemic xerox petal poop deck pre turn gavel gage governs slit gun sacking republic censor curious accent recognise cogs in 60's scene centre whenever went re centre complex poesie prudent yellow candy coller garland crock frequency vibration reality icke idea origin peptide swallow intake deed atlas lest lost lust indites sincere solace into over baked broker bundle neuron shiny single real margin justice china chest pop pope body sneaks library should show list lost last dead rake reed oligarchy hacker hubris solace vampire leak drip drink jaded ovation quote jester abate popular essence deepness deep nest drop roll recharge centre match pyro eagle a i and an e if centre 70 nation note or not yellow grain interview so just sin tor.


bake bugger booger boogie bold bilious broken bullet
contain country counter cuckold cake correct corinthian
dealt death done dolt deck decorous don't dream dram
effervescent egress eagle engender echo ever essence


radical re surge robot epileptic vocabulary enhancer sicks sic soc sucker so lice securer mercuric vocal vibration sigma vocoder alarm pendulous extremity in solve solution inhibitor re facilitate raw were whence cradle opulence plastic brown toxic ever last moor room snow clap pitch migraine sending egregious beating bowl bake keratin vocation letter coma word poem sun doom legion axiom mimetic voluntary autonomy machine cog hold hell holler lucier stutter pagan overdrive into avaunt derriere all slinky like cringe at syntax sustenance to award evermore emotional bargaining chip prosody in tinsel seems dominant pisces fhole lives entrenched moloko drink rake yolk guitar voice beat hyperbole insular dead hide hold indifference in difference pause pill pale ilk re volume ing ing angle or gizmo grind gland frottage scalp mangle peanut shuffle into over drove if contains adult contact or contented error of whey or irate row row rift idle insist at turn convex gadding into entry hovel done door dour difference gingivitis signal signet lapel harsh hold eel suffix sinister taking surge french bullet bargain in chips cup pucker protein hold spelling inter alien aphid ovid.



Saturday, 6 February 2010


old for


for rim foreign if silence is sorted by punctuation letters can be pure sound unrestricted by archivists and always redundant taxonomy pidgin holes for piddling proles pre prised sleep in him flat crowd seems listless or less list or lost lass or lest last or lust leased mimic winged mutants through pegged pages and airtight curtains in red rooms checker block floors floor the view and make me expect dancing dwarfs it's not nor none nigh neat non serialist lullabies song to socialist psychedelia hocus focus imitates voices for the clown with the sliver eyes blocks eaten away by rain river blockage dammed for a damn dead deer don't dealt door done for fear for fair for a fee it or is or isn't or instinct isn't distinct or extinct tincture turnaround tools for full soused simple recipe recycled from yesteryear yesterday yesternight house of hearth split in time or tome or .
concords first

this charnel man

war were went through apunctual archetypeface consistent punch to the fierce tea told total abbreviation inside guilt trap guitar conquistador you are you reflection inflicted goons recording inside titular membrane title rope mask becomes freedom symbol after alan writes about it strip prefigures film form for moor walks into wuthering heats slips soda cannon in canon extract literary hand grenade to renege on the agreement start to walk for fisticuffs insular ring in the mud sigmar polke paints thought prints through hole held by headless children shadow seeds scenes he perceives his love for hymn gestate flower border erasure insufficient reason to tyrannise reaches out to inner insider this charnel man if seeks solar isn't essence so sining altered river forever not inference waiting for derek t acktion gun to head head to gun head to toe head 2.

Friday, 5 February 2010


face worn warn worm jacked eject inject just a jest suggest an adjustment just meant mist a missed or turn wall all ol' franciscan monkey maker mongoloid poor poop pour perceives or receives language as a massage parlance ufo tea saucer source or circus centre coarse for the cause keels side said ships and shits puddle poodles and pod turns too late for trolls to fulfill forgoes fogs forgets foghorns fools around for feels hate for hotels gender engenders ganders for geese not e not neither nether or rather other either er brief break or broke brief brother of above a brief brave bra bother but beneath boats or forgot feels feels receive perceive perception inception out stand or stand anyway rather classic course cos custard cons could vacant creativity piano expects or e.

sans tenses

adjectives without objectives
snap for fore firm foward if
slips down for faker fisting
feels clary clear core entice
shows shows she sees seeds
drop pop drop pop drop pop
seems scenes sees i'll isle
never been mentioned before
shame as shown if i've if
depressed and repressed
archivist eggs on ergs
of offer off over.



lone crumb

pin prints sleek aerodrome with hail and eye just as eaten jack spicer in the mortuary chapbooks with chapped lips one liner poet language without the equals symbols to much to soon slips an apostrophe under the table improvises on best penis player in the world secede from the states of allegorical latter day stains little national voice hit and mass votive offering to a cod believes in gnome suicide bomber in library explodes into mass of letters streak iridescent across the page strimmer to the throat glasses for the blind heavy metal splits skin net wring for reading if keroac read silliman performance heart list sings dead stripper fit except it's time in the moon non-referential is referential spaces after outer space slings pipe-line sees sneaks sore sort sits celtic vampires are you reading uncomfortably good i'll end or really or really or really or really.


Thursday, 4 February 2010







block path concur if privileged snow axis trenchant moon bean hicks egress zoom zoot topography nexus zimmerman wire farce so-called lyrical confession is monochrome propagation since centre just type as poem as essay tattooed on your inside book spread and into form transitional brush stroke if bridge age necro nancy pomegranate wait for weight wart for once sneak letterset change chimera wings as thin as cling film game outsmarts game mandate fleuride in the walker in ivan impaler vlad to be of surface builderberg bloomberg man king von pompey numpty new worm odder true board strawman lover of gristle horrid anus re tread fear wall well streak fast asinine haiku cough drop towers in freefall from umbrella crease tacitern all bloated hypo critical.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

for freedom rather


sink for per suede mystic palm catheter drench votive slavery anxiety furbie frodo rotten flesh flash cheat for fast forward out gone go drawn linear grade dust forum gave birthed wait risk rate strata pull ever strains deadline talk clock gravitas cream creed oklahoma tandem government tyranny bubble bloats banker pay check edge age education narratives talks presidential pawn puppet eats teleprompter sheen parrot ford slicks nova stripe groan stand up over strain never got to yesterday over industrial villains stinks over slime planet static eyes sapphic ice swap thing pile on foreign escalator punish tundra glacier loves heat but cold pervades for perverts cheque checker chocoholic palm top tip tap dance votive fetish yield yellow got to attack irate staged terror attache internet censor web light box medieval blogosphere climate gate turn torch hysteria believe belief gone goner sack bag feed doubt debt same mechanic church turd black i dea midas for frond fool for toga hide in indie pleat monger strata map retrace predicable goldsmith bullshit practice poll ants evil child authorities care core ideal unit politics.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

firm award alarm.




(e)in gender

scent performed libidinal regency post enlightenment into feather rather got to load the seal leaps road form issue deference if percentage fruit tape loops rollover moonshine grow up and ovoid the norms of societal syntax pervades avoidance techniques secular mushroom clawed away from preach hands in sufferance sold with wax cloves into inter rim jogging his mammary greeting chord snap the teeth of dentists rigger more twist tea time is barbaric if not no, then when if for figure altitude seems to leak down addresses forward oppressed buttons peel off faces and become capitalist whirligigs she can nestle between two pole-arms start making cents not gnome lip up fit fir jigsaw brain over braun slips into slits eyes of error of eyes repeat as necessary killing jar heads just useless eaters if then society in the poetics prose in motion prize emotion doesn't want to go legs thighs buttocks thoughts irises machine harm machine harm.

Monday, 1 February 2010






split poem

so that

you won't read it.

singular addiction

cross flip
turn punch
stroke wrap

rap burn
punch attack
torture redeem

groom relapse
massage know
kiss bite.