Wednesday, 17 February 2010

pot storm 2

difference in size
forgotten worse
after affects
cry tiers
map reader
body,mind forgoes
too haitian
acquired phrases
thi's isnt worse!
i can d'o this
slip sideways
nice ice nigh eyes
spy satellites from north korea
u shirt
merkin top
not nor not nor not
cochlea cunt
snips stream
sold paradox
not every story needs a moral at the end
attack of the 50ft lesbians
pole stir
dungeons and dogons
my brother and i
imaginary fetus
ripped skin
really want to go for
thick or thing
puny shin beats
war? huh!
is still in the heeling business
soup loup
male mole
heir tight chamber
as above, so below
she'll he'll
numerous cover versions
scrawl on paper sheet
blue hugh you blew
strum gathering
comp lex.

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