Friday, 19 February 2010

pot storm 3

about faces
en grain vision
east side long beach
13 chairs
in my uterus
blood sausage
canada shelf gun
do ex-machinery
popery potpourri
attacks bigots
depressed repressed
sun soon soul song
what would geof huth do?
amongst the trees on an island, surrounded by a lake
for seasons, ceiling for all eternity
gap linkage
jean gene e
snacks zone
the 13th piller
african gold,mine
wings replete
shaun shawn
they didn't
is is is
pool pol pot pour
mothers of darkness
pit pool fellatio
cringe isn't
just odour
dennis the menace
skin bandage
hoopla loup-garou
teeth retreat
nerves were just , like, on fire
not aloud
dislocated zones
canada en plein air
schizophrenic polka
short or der

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