Saturday, 20 February 2010

pot storm 4

i run for the bus,dear
he named his dildo marcus
luke, i am your mother
son beams jack daniels
denial is a thorny issue
brain excretion
cross bread
unleash the bees!!
stop gap
trope enliven
cold rope
driven so
lone chocolate chip
angle wing
axis university
i wonder if i do
give up! give up!
just think he's fit
lol e-pop
i remember my dog bites
mouse kittens
shadow sorts
lobotomised children
dribble blather
execs excess access
worse horse sporren
keel cut
mushroom angle
regard alarm
erection of buildings
skull school
chocolate malt
ripe burns
hits ears
doesn't understand
scalp case
nice eyes or ice isles
pit pony
niggardly hey hay
riff rip return
crap superhero
british itch
great rind
rotella tears papers
groan gotcha
bran fakes
broke back mounting
hairy lags
ossified eatery
sneak snack snake

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