Tuesday, 9 February 2010


all texts are political? or pour since for fecal misery. endangered. repeat for clarification. soaks through shirt. into pacified level of realism in ink sketch. diagram of glossolalia. more complicated formats get in the way of the words. said he'd found someone else. forgetting (everyone but me). feel like a photocopy of a photocopy. distance perturbed by afterthought. fall over through thought. shut up or eat wordage. i's have iron. grip petulance of. procreate through cell division. wishing doesn't make it happen. newsletter in french. forbush man for bush, bomb bombay. teach tots to tap-dance. listening to the radio tinfoil on the aerials or the areas where the words settle on the carpet. a return to punctuation or a punctual puncturing of voice stream. no central. continuation of thought and no single narrative. is surprisingly all right with what she said. foreskin between my teeth. lid on his head. groan or grind. tire wet or wire tet. decides descent is another one. collage for andrews. twilight guy is ugly. enlightenment darkens doors. geek teeth repeats here.forgotton parcel. hear or her. hurt or hair. halo without wings. melt teeth. close down now.

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