Wednesday, 10 February 2010

greener passages.

breasts are not a universal constant. echo an effort. police margin. how does it feel to be loved? non indent offer identity. it spreads the lotion on its skin unless it wants the whores. got to offer decision. i am a recording . a miming accident. don’t cry for me ford cortina. hard to articulate. armchair resistance. aggregate assurance. questioning the enlightenment. a racist pyramid scheme. escorts him out of the room. why would i be friends with that parasite? a mash-up meld . mouth and mouth, mutt und mutt , motto end metal. body-popping pop pickers. incisor margins deflate. frog rain frog room rune. mind in motown. pre-text for war. figured she was making good money. gonna shoot my baby down/ caught him messing around/ messing around town / with another man. straight is straight, or is straight straight? peppered with expletives. scheme scream. improvised extermination. failed abortions as a text. china propping up states of state. phallic misinterpretation. rooter blade. tween not. health sylph. ground bacon. modal underachievement. must investigate superhero. greer gear glottal stop. arrogance is a common feature for governments. situationist turnpike. isn’t an ism or an isn’t? feminist appendectomy. synesthetic anaesthetic . gourde god got more shoes. bimboid parataxis. is not saying it’s a good thing. more of a sound peon. ghost writer committed suicide. language eats itself. original evil aphid. sent sparks zapping up your face. damn dirty ape. from sappho, through to auden. becomes the subject matter. basted you with butter. boot face. useless consumption. ever over or all over. saved as a pdf. gross underachievement. grainy broadcast. sense as censor as sensor. thought removal. it isn’t really. number one. couldn’t see it. row of people holding hands. independant opinion. dyslexic game show host. dancing with a couple of musicians. third-world counter revolution. too damn normal. a knife to finish off the gristle.

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