Thursday, 11 February 2010

birthday poem for Moribund Facekvetch (originally published in unedited form on facebook)

as if to perceive.insulation an so an so.written in ink or. solace in. eye dream. skin on hook. authoritarian feet. language in snow. subliminal bullhorns. push and pull. cultural drowning. dropping neologisms from helicopters.wide spread of dimensions. reptilian prime minister. collage college. after the invasion. firm implosion member. free form jazz xerox dance act. scraping his heels. yes or no? no winners and no one will survive.taped up box. twist round fences. question mark tongue scraper. line in the stand.wrote with vocal chords. thought projection in supermarket. removal of the state. to be or not to be continued. if it is. axes of evil. stands on books, books on stands. gleaming teeth. a reindeer on a stamp. pull to open. snow again. if answered with.a preliminary assassination. unstable vowels. recharge your battery eggs. drops acid and then picks it up again - burns fingers. hallowed ground white canvas.

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