Sunday, 28 February 2010

pot storm 9

gleam glean
smoke snooker
is or as or if or i.v
ginsberg in the street
streaker on pitch (white on black)
in my dead reckoning brain
nude boy, smooth in my bed
engender gander goose whipped
who would do this on his own
angry at the government
doppelgangerists rejoice, rejoice doppelgangerists
real sensitive, utah
strange voice
end of the wormed
just genome
gland pixie
biology sturm
satyr tithe totter
page flicker
close your ears
turd turn
split mistake
jay club
seance forgets
servants savants
sci-fi beliefs
on rollerskating
peace loving hippy
permeating society
8-12 percent
groan moving oval parameter
stroke porcelain
grip lever
tolerance vacate
end game
ambient sound track
mormon moron
fleet trick
stork creases
attack singer
soap aitkin
leather daddy
denim sun
texture torture
jewish buddhist
lip surface
jet's eye
get a brain morans!
if or either
"jeremy inserted a drill bit
into his jap's eye
and proceeded to
utterly maim himself."
release realise
pleasant bacon
crate carin

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