Monday, 15 February 2010

for John Moore Williams

intrinsic forget lie insinuate
storm in a coffee cup
mystic fibrosis
word game, game word
camera insists eyes don't lie
hand bleed retrieve notion
still insists on this
great to be all live
moss spelled
texture postcard received
lips pervade
free-way ricky ross
can concur cuckold
sound in sound
miracle marijuana
shoe shoot
big bang letter swarm
tear him a new whole
has a cage in his bedroom
robbery bungled by paper weight
chain chain shame
secret agent drug dealers
convex nerve
collage engravings
critical relay
dr manhatten's left testicle
barbecue queef
fallout coy
since he
or as
if or
could be considered
paper flip asterisk
ball ligament
i've been their
wing wang
hedge works
american psychosomatic
front back lobotomy.

1 comment:

John Moore Williams said...

I can't believe I only just found this! thank you, Mike.

captcha: abakina
(aka, aboriginal cinema)