Wednesday, 3 February 2010


sink for per suede mystic palm catheter drench votive slavery anxiety furbie frodo rotten flesh flash cheat for fast forward out gone go drawn linear grade dust forum gave birthed wait risk rate strata pull ever strains deadline talk clock gravitas cream creed oklahoma tandem government tyranny bubble bloats banker pay check edge age education narratives talks presidential pawn puppet eats teleprompter sheen parrot ford slicks nova stripe groan stand up over strain never got to yesterday over industrial villains stinks over slime planet static eyes sapphic ice swap thing pile on foreign escalator punish tundra glacier loves heat but cold pervades for perverts cheque checker chocoholic palm top tip tap dance votive fetish yield yellow got to attack irate staged terror attache internet censor web light box medieval blogosphere climate gate turn torch hysteria believe belief gone goner sack bag feed doubt debt same mechanic church turd black i dea midas for frond fool for toga hide in indie pleat monger strata map retrace predicable goldsmith bullshit practice poll ants evil child authorities care core ideal unit politics.

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