Wednesday, 30 July 2008


It's very likly that I will start a sound poetry podcast, but I'm a bit stuck on what to call it. any ideas? I've put a thread up on the vispoets forum but havn't had any replies.

De-route the routine

Stars blink like traffic

Sunday, 27 July 2008























the theory of words


I'm toying (just toying) with the idea of starting a soundpo podcast. There are free services for it,such as podomatic and such. the idea came in a dream.

Saturday, 26 July 2008


hay (na) ku in responce to Geof Huth's reading in Atlanta

green as
leaves, beard sprouting

skin becomes
bark, hard and

skin the
skin of trees.

of words
made flesh ( live )


Geof Huth's Atlanta reading

I see Geof has posted about his reading in Atlanta. I Liked the poems in the vids he posted, The polyphon and Geof Huth's "Man as Green as Eye" particularly caught my eye (trying to imagine Geof as the green man of myth, leaves sprouting out of his mouth while his beard becomes grass)

That good e-freind of mine, Troylloyd, was lucky enough to talk to him and get photographed with him. Jammy git. This is one of the few times I wish i lived in America (very rare). oh well.

Friday, 25 July 2008


follow u

Epileptic tastes.

Thursday, 24 July 2008


more technical difficulties

As Supload seems to be playing up at the moment (it keeps insisting that the file I'm trying to upload is either toobig or not an allowed file, even though I have made sure that is not true) I will not be posting any sound poetry for the time being. my pc is being slow and juddery(It may be the heat, the weather here is sweltering at the moment)and seems to freeze at the drop of a hat. It's getting better, but it's still quite bad.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

ƒAƒ“ƒrƒGƒ“ƒg ƒGƒŒƒNƒgƒƒjƒJ



Monday, 21 July 2008


my technical problems are over. I'm going to continue working on the colab with Matt Dalby, and i'm waiting for Troy to get back to me on our colab.


We could go on forever about how things changed. Quarks composed symphonies and atoms moulded matter into art. The sky raged on with orange clouds and purple space between them. Grass grew in time-lapse, jerky speed. Buildings were dwarfed by Hollywood bushes (symbols of death that surrounded the Georgia guide stones, scaring birds into silence). I could not stand it, I just couldn’t stand it. Please-let it end, please? It didn’t. The earth split open like a decaying fruit. We are the mould, festering on its surface. We are the decay. Smelling ripe and falling apart over time.

the infinate literature


Sunday, 20 July 2008

to error is human
to bleed is not

love song to the lower-case "e"

O range

Saturday, 19 July 2008

gout attack


neeuq eht evas doG ( For Glenn Matlock)

neeuq eht evas doG

emiger tsicsaf ehT

norom a uoy edam yehT

bmob-H laitnetoP

neeuq eht evas doG

gnieb namuh on t'nia ehS

erutuf on si erehT

gnimaerd s'dnalgnE nI

tnaw uoy tahw dlot eb t'noD

deen uoy tahw dlot eb t'noD

,erutuf on ,erutuf on s'erehT

uoy rof erutuf oN

neeuq eht evas doG

nam ti naem eW

neeuq ruo evol eW

sevas doG

neeuq eht evas doG

yenom era stsiruot esuaC'

daeherugif ruo dnA

smees ehs tahw ton sI

yrotsih evas doG hO

edarap dam ruoy evas doG

ycrem evah doG droL hO

diap era semirc llA

erutuf on s'ereht nehW

nis eb ereht nac woH

nibtsud eht ni srewolf eht er'eW

enihcam namuh ruoy ni nosiop eht er'eW

erutuf ruoy ,erutuf eht er'eW

neeuq eht evas doG

nam ti naem eW

neeuq ruo evol eW

sevas doG

neeuq eht evas doG

nam ti naem eW

erutuf on si ereht dnA

gnimaerd s'dnalgnE nI

,erutuf on ,erutuf oN

uoy rof erutuf oN

,erutuf on ,erutuf oN

em rof erutuf oN

,erutuf on ,erutuf oN

uoy rof erutuf oN

erutuf on ,erutuf oN

uoy roF

Thursday, 17 July 2008

amazing Jaap Blonk and terry ex performance in France

On my hatred of snow

I hate snow. It’s horrible stuff that sticks to the underside of your feet, like mud during a heavy rainfall in a field. Don’t people know where it comes from? During the night giant pigeons (the size of Volkswagens) float menacingly down our streets, cooing in their own revolting way. They then proceed to excrete on the lanes, lawns and byways of our villages and towns. Though these are cold loads rather then the usual warm muck you see on windscreens, you can see the chaos it causes. These are a different kind of pigeon I should mention; these are ancient avians with frost on their beaks and knowledge as old as the universe in their raisin black eyes. They drop this tip-ex whiteness down, blanking out what they regard as a mistake. That means us. Humans are wholly unacceptable to them. Of all the species whose civilisations have touched this earth, the humans are the ones they hate the most. This is mainly because we don’t feed them I expect.





Wednesday, 16 July 2008

a spoem that appeared in my inbox yesterday in the form of a prose poem

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Sunday, 13 July 2008



a dead poet in my refrigerator

Yesterday I found William Carlos Williams in my fridge. He was lying (crushed like a crushed car cube) on the top shelf. He was dusted with frost, his blue flesh flecked with ice. His glasses were askew and caked so thick with the effects of the cold they looked like coke bottle bottoms. His tie was tucked underneath the cheese and his left foot was poking through the gap between the slats of the fridge shelf he was perched on. Isn’t it strange, the sort of things you find in the fridge sometimes? Dead poets too.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

scabs 1


pc problems

thats well, I still have computer problems. I still can't send emails, but I can receive them. my disk space problem has reared its ugly head. I have run out of stuff to delete, so I'm probably going to get an extra hard drive and dump a load of my stuff there. It means that I can't work on the audio goodness Matt Dalby has been pouring into my inbox, but I invite him to keep on, because I'll work on it when I can. I'll be able to work on the Troylloyd colab, once he gets better from the stomach virus thats layed him low recently. Hope he does get better soon.

i wasn’’t born i was written.

I knew what I could do, but I didn’t

Friday, 11 July 2008

benediction by Charles Baudelaire ( a "translation" useing microsoft words spell check and taking note of phonetic similarities)

Lark, pair un-decree day pre senses Supremes,
Lee Poet apparent on see Monday ennui,
‘s a ‘mare a poo on tea eat plane de blasphemes
Crisp says point’s veers Due, key L.A rend on pity:

— «Ah! Key nay-gee miss bass tout UN-know de-vipers,
Pluto key de nearer set derision!
Mandate suit la knew it ox pleasers ephemeras
we moon venture a concur moon expiation!

Please Kay too mass choosy enter touts les femmes
Pour eater lee dugout de moon twist Mary,
Eat queue gee net pubis pass rejecter Dan’s less flames,
Come un billet a moor, see monster rebury,

Gee, furry retailer toy Hayne key macabre
Sir instrument audit de tees merchants,
Et gee today see been said Arber miserable,
keel knee pour a poser says buttons empresses!»

L ravel anise legume de s’a Hayne,
Et, knee complement pass Les destines eternals,
El-meme prepare oh fond de la Gahanna
Less butchers cons acres ox crimes maternal.

Portent, sues a totalled invisible dune Angie,
infant desperate senior de solely
ET dams tout see quill buoyed ET Dan’s tout see kill mange
Retrieved and boys ET lee nectar vermeil.

II joule a vet lee vent, cause a vet lee nudge,
Et senior in chanting due chiming de la crux;
Et lee spirit key lee suit Dan’s son pilgrimage
Please Dee lee voyeur gay come on osseous the boys.

To cue quill vet aimer observant a vet crinite,
Our been, unheard scant as tranquillise,
Chechen a key Sarah lei tier uni plaint,
Et font sure lei lessee de leer ferocity.

Dan’s lee pain ET lee van destines a sap Boucher
Ills me lent de la centre a vet dippers crochets;
A vet hypocrisy ills jet tent cue quill touché,
It’s a consent davit miss leers pied dams says “pass”.

‘S a theme of a client sir less places purlieus:
«Poi squib me trove assess bell pour majored,
Jew foray the meatier des idles antiques,
Et come elle's jet view me fair reorder;

ET jet me solaria de hard, deacons, de myrrh,
De genuflexions, de viands et de vines,
Pour saver see jet pubis dams un court key marmite
Usurper en rant les homage’s divines!

Et, quad jet menu Iberia de cess farces implies,
Jed poser sure lei ma free et forte main;
Et mess ogles, perils ox ogles des harpies,
Sarong jus quad son court se fryer un chiming.

Come un toot jejune osseous key tremble et key palpate,
Jarred herein cue court tout rouse de son seen,
Et, pour resister ma beat favourite
gee. Le lei jittered par tare a vet detains! »

Veers lee Ceil, we son oil vomit un trine splendid,
Le Poet Serein levee sees bras pious
Et les vastest éclairs Dee son eh? Sprit lucid
Luis deponent lappet des peoples furious:

— «Soya Benny, men Due, key donors la sufferance
Come un divine remade a nose importees
Et come la miller it lay plus pure essence
key prepare less forts ox saints volutes!

Jew says queue vows grades uni place au Poet
Danes les ranges Bienne roux des saints Legions,
Et queue vows lain vitas à letter knelled fate
Des Trines, des Vertis, des Dominations.

Jew says queue LA dollar est. la nobleness unique
Our knee Morton zamias la tare et les infers,
Et quill fault pour terser ma corona mystique
Imposer toes les temps et toes les universe.

Mays les bijoux peruse de antique Palmyra,
Les Meraux incomes, les peerless de la mar,
Par voter main mantes, new prurient pas suffice
A sea beau diademed elbow issuant et Clair;

Car ill new sera fait key de pure lumpier,
Poise au foyer saint des rayon’s primitives,
and don’t let you mortals, dams leer splendour entire,
New sent queue des mirrors obscures and plaintiffs!»


Fold open
Be not.

Egg nog knot hole


Could be

Forgo gold

Stammer plate open action.
Grammar avoids a vacuum.

Reed top pole fit
Leap round.

In gape gap.

verb confusion confusious

Allocate alleyways.

Turn look university music.

Attracts consonants like flies.

The room (in memory of Andrew)

And so I came to sit again, alone in a room dusted with years. It’s a room that has had another occupant. He died all too soon; car crumpled like an un-ironed suit. This room no longer has a bed. I have a table here where it was before and I rest my poem filled computer here to sit and think. Papers and scraps of thoughts are strewn all over the floor. A flag is pinned on the far end of the room, near the ghost haunted corner where I keep my art books. Every area of space in the room is occupied. Every inch. Every spot. By dust, books or music. Not much else, other then me. Alone but not alone, isolated, but with company. Words and images, sounds and similes. Looking at emotion and trying to put it in some order. Maybe I will at sometime, but this room is still watching me. I prefer to wait until he has fallen asleep, sung into a stupor by the hum of the traffic and the constant fluttering of the leaves, falling from trees that look as though they have been planted upside-down, roots pointing towards the sky like frightened worms. I would like to think my silent friend can sleep despite the fact that we have removed his bed. We all need our sleep. Even the dead.


Amanda Stewart on Silliman's blog

I'm listening to a reading made by the Australian sound poet Amanda Stewart That I found of Ron Silliman's blog . Reminds Of Lily greenham. The qualities of the female vocal cords compared to the male is interesting. When I say that she reminds me Lily Greenham it isn't because she's a woman its that I find her hybridisation of sound and textual poetry and her delivery similer.
u sonata

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

.full step.

mutant sound and direct waves

I've been currently going through the blogs "Mutant sounds"and "direct waves". they are AWESOME sites. Rare out of print music, text-sound compositions- all sorts. simply amazing. Been downloading stuff for about two days now.


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

a get-well-soon poem for Troylloyd

ein stichhaltiges Gedicht für Dirk Helstrunk

Ist hier ein Gedicht für Dirk Helstrunk, mit der Unterstützung von babelfish. Ich bin sicher, dass dieses nicht genaues Deutsches ist, aber wenn Sie es zwar zurück in Sprache zurückführen, Sie etwas interessant erhalten konnten. Ich versuchte, Deutsches zu erlernen (durch den Gebrauch der Klebebänder) aber fuhr nicht fort, passend zu uni. Möglicherweise beginne ich Unterstützung wieder

a belated poem for the 61st anniversary of the Roswell incident which was a few days ago, according the beware of the blog(I only found out today).

poem celebrating the 61st anniversary of the Roswell incident

Slugs wrapped in beef steak.