Saturday, 12 July 2008

pc problems

thats well, I still have computer problems. I still can't send emails, but I can receive them. my disk space problem has reared its ugly head. I have run out of stuff to delete, so I'm probably going to get an extra hard drive and dump a load of my stuff there. It means that I can't work on the audio goodness Matt Dalby has been pouring into my inbox, but I invite him to keep on, because I'll work on it when I can. I'll be able to work on the Troylloyd colab, once he gets better from the stomach virus thats layed him low recently. Hope he does get better soon.


matt dalby said...

Hope your computer problems get fixed soon. Chances are I won't be doing any more audio or much more poetry until later in the week after I've moved to a new flat and got an open mic slot doing some sound poetry out of the way. I hate moving, but this new place is great - if only for 6 months right now.

mike cannell said...

I hope so too. I hope you get settled down comfortable.