Tuesday, 30 September 2008


particles of language


Wind lick form fright

Jacob light

Glib twit

Knock nib

Gobble snigger

Snatch shot saw

Slot sleep sleet

Spot speech scream

Oboe evil horn/ four head

Angel angle oblong engramme

Anna Blume anagrammed actuation

Humberside re-approach golden gastronomic

Apple bait

Knock gorilla

Still for the of




Monday, 29 September 2008


more time for blogging

For those wondering why my out-put hasn't decresed, even though I said I'm going to uni, the reason is that I've shifted from being full time to part time, due to medical problems and other reasons. So I only go in twice a week! pretty sweet,huh? Still will have to write essays at some point and I'm reading John Milton's Paradise lost at the moment.

the knowlage

For Douglas Adams


Friday, 26 September 2008





asemia rising

I've found an online copy of the book "miserable miracle" by the late great painter,poet and fellow asemic writer, Henri Michaux. It describes in ,prosepoetic form, his experiences with taking the hallucinogen mescaline. Enjoy.

I'll mostly be publishing asemic writingon this blog for a while. I've been published in the new post-literate,
that wonderful online blogazine maintained by Michael jacobson.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

history lessen

Do something ,forget everything

Global piggy-back

Giggler niggardly prep-peep salt fold

Bank bankers parasites (try saying that while

stretching your cheeks)

Striated linguistic masturbation

Gun shot

Gin shit

Lip tip salve sop sip

Gulp bargain skin kamikaze

Opentop Yankee gunshot

Open soul baker’s demon

Full step king kill sound po pet

Jay eff key

Oliver stoned

Bruise bake she’ll sheet

Spot wendigo

Yeti where? Wolf

Hot share steel geist

Throw the dog a boner

sleep pole sheet dive

gone gone going

steel plate skull mash-dive


a top scale catholic con drive

beta zed gat goil.



Leaves fall from the tree like

I’m sitting beneath the tree

lemmings jumping off a cliff,

thinking about life and how

fluttering as they fall and

this autumn day is actually

twirling in their decent.

quite beautiful with all its

As I each these leaves I

Colours and textures.

am reminded of Isaac

the many-fold splendour

newton. Gravity is yank-

of nature is something that

ing at the leaves like a child

almost softens the heart of

pulling a string, though

a cynic like me.

this kid obviously didn’t

my dry eyes almost weep,

attach the string to both

but I’ve seen this all before.

Sides, because it’s spinning

It’s pretty much the same

Like crazy, all unstable and

Thing over and over again.

Shaky, like a malfunctioning

It’s just repetition. Endless

parachute. Needless to say,

repetition for all eternity

it keeps on falling ‘till it meets

on and on and on and on

another one follows it

and on and on forever.

want too

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

in space in time


for John Milton

Could we mean for got on even flight air

Stream steam wratchet re turn lite ringer

Loose cipher elle ‘sruler

I bowl too aye bawl

Song shite

T ruth

Action bell r’ing from tree try alliteration






Site sight

Foil pouring into the motion