Sunday, 14 September 2008

carnal works

And American by bell for fur

Got min

gnome lit


Modem amen dam a pen open

Light. Syphilis storm drain wanting, I

Might get

Jon damn forest gape

Lenticular arises Venus Lake

Participation, a windfall

Disjunction doesn’t sit lightly

Sun fort

Gods with horns

A pyramid

Case hold

Ball elope

Tired of living

Long tongue tingle Ferris tape.

Zip- case folder ahoy

Loaned in nine for toll tone

American verbal diorama accepted

Only pear type tip

Pills sip pour rape

Gethsemane jaded

Loop top knot cake.

Take feel for reed

Sing sake sin soul

Gag knife

Gold lit

Judder jape gone grab

Bowel ball an aperture

Cloud acid sky mail

Art apostrophe French love god.

Stem stream steel

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