Tuesday, 23 February 2010

pot storm 6

fierce as fuck
embolism apostasy
sheen reliant
opera glasses
spark crutch
just mention it
have to stay
lack history or herstory
just as if just
hip-hop hip-op
grinder mane
slop braggart
toll trench
collage cock
snap slop
scrunchy fisting
hair bell ball
prince albert in a can
hook rose
book burner
free peyote
drab limb
filthiest person in the world
milstead molested millstone
sure short
still in hi school
sheer shorts
mushroomed and snowballed
should indicate firmness
too much for some people to take
shoot reverb
unheard goat herd
an hour to go
slick wiley
john wayne in drag
puccini through earphones
shoulder pads and baby wipes
snooker cue shagger
you can throw stones in a perspex house

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