Saturday, 27 February 2010

pot storm 8

linguistic genocide
green quote
poe pole
soon scoot
vertigo ground
listen to it
operatic division
steven patrick
just to see, just to see
oh, so many illustrations
sic end or sick bend
groping at a possibility
singer stumbles
shanty town
microphone diuretic
waist sting or time
made up air monde
the closer i get
jet steams
bend or barda, brent hair barter
school transformation
book club bulb blub
foot beaver
phallic testimony
plaster of parasite
alone at lest
vada eek keep dada
blood gut
plastic spastic
charade sharon
member mambo
glass teat teeth
mutualist understanding
faced with the complexity of the human eye
great animal fila
dream boom
snap praxis
lined whatchmaker
greg groan
planted golly wig
stop gapped.

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