Monday, 23 September 2013

the tyne machine

texture as if to describe.
forms demarcated in window.

streams luminescence.
ears prickle

tongue waters. emote
dryad inter babylonian

settee scratchings.
 cave face inscriptions.

words as sincere
as irony.

language is meaningess.
 pools invert optics.

murmers sperm.
dribbles plancton.

spools irredescence.
jagged forks of what if.

 tupelo spills rain waters
and leaves at the route.

a þeist pondscum.
dreams as if to commit acts.

points of canto.
glints ontowards

labels plane contour.
labial rabbi tunes forked canton.

laced with nasal fumage.
judder jinx/ parley with ingrates.

grants fungus voting rights.
and un attach lapel.

volk muzack.
vacuous sputum.

text as if to inscribe.
form demarcation in wind.

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