Friday, 29 January 2010

)(dumb throat -(sequence the third)(for andrew topel and Gustave morin)(


pairs of items or pears of eye tens or purrs of high pens or peers of e-10's or pores of aiden's or pods of auden's or bods of haitians or buds of raisins or buns of rations or puns of lesions or pins of legions or pans of aleutians or pits of alsatians or pats of illusions or pets of lilliputians or picks of liverpudlians or pics of liver pud lions or picts of lover pied licence or piss of love pi incense or piston of loathe pie insects or pecan of eye incest or peeking of i invest or peking of hi insist ore.


twist twixt turn tor revolve earth reverting to typeface insular or reticular werewolverhampton moon kissed deeds go untold while naked in a locked bunker office orifice in rat tern turns slinks down slinky stare case encased hold all hold all old return en reverb tracks tell-tale foot printing press of letraset and anubis sing fiscal exuberance inter rim road to abacus experience tree top leap to leap hop trip trick eyes into seeing auras to be is to be perceived prattle no more peewee herman has returned to the consternation of the nation constellation of poetry to be performed.


like a hotel lift i have not one a return to child hood howling at the loon forget for go turn prints into piquant civilisation revolves around letters sings detritus for form tungsten man eats tortoises when police dare not move in movie lights ligature recharges ahead forgoes intellect teach other forms or firms of beacon beckoning the sirens singing island ire land in land screams bloody murmur skill list gist ism solo lego recaps so-called idea factory fat torie cameron ca maroon zoot suits me nick cave like a secular preacher spouting passion from corpuscles.


only holy holey hullabaloo hinterland lifts feet foot thumped three thought thawed balloon fuzzy white in square bird burrs head strong goal trendy electronic beat thumping through brain circuits phasing into the tesla coil bolts turning wheels stimulating synapses starting evolution sneaky peek into mind works twin twists zombie shoppers all ways ready to bi ring cistern slot control cholesterol butchered killed and massacred the end the beg gin ning s tart need le r itch leave sta in leaves a m arc rebounds against w all reduced to component l e t t e r s.


to or of on if or to en on or as on to on is on to on or on to is to on it if or of if or if of of or if if or on is it or on of or on to or to if on of is on of or if on or is in or on in or is in no or on in if on in on or on on or on if in on or of on in on or on on or on on on in or is on is on on on is or is on as is as on on as if on as in as if as on on in on is on of is on in is in on on of or on of or on in of in or on on is on is id or id or id is id on in id is or if on is on is in on in is on on in is of is if on is in on id is on is is id.

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