Saturday, 9 January 2010

(a strand of hair in a pile of needles)

sun springs doubt upturned slump in poll numb birds burned in effigy slipped on banana boat kangaroo courts flaming forum heads if shrapnel had a voice sinister macunian candidate zed zod deserter flock mobile phony's dream of consciousness the crankies are undead thank goad fur zombie midgets monkeys in for coats fascist of the labour partly indistinct blurred skull obama on breakfast cereal boxed to death boot in face to face with the arch statist satan wishes he could pre-occur doubts jr "bob" dobbs' literary pedigree dumb tombola reports child for thought crimes (off with his head) northern crock seed potency hamlet's father's ghost's father's facebook account guard with his loaf leaf flutters in head sneaks in and out of snow police dogs biting off a baby's face urine samples indicate terry wogan has auto immune deficiency dis-ease at the low number of voting better amputate the government split peace screams for just ice (drink rink ink link) beaten over head with large rubber interrobang rubric wall mix in max can concur currently concrete odin.

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