Wednesday, 20 January 2010


spell "luminous" with your tongue removed glib patter floats through rooms enshrined in mahogany death in the cafeteria slot / slot / slot rope begins as a noose ends as a light bulb tumour in throat tendrils scratch brain teeth totter railing against shadows tape machine cluttering cluster fuck aztec god awakens, trashes a shopping mall it was an eternity ago slits wrists to let the text out rolling stoned conditioned folder imprint finger print posters werewolves in business suits howling at a mcdonald logo so good goad fog letter increment media manipulation dulls b rain chased by pornographers heel of hell hound assists asthmatic page turner hope descend decent entrench face hist add rome drawn droog acid dropper dope rib in curtain metal brain pan pole hold frame derailing the deranged venereal fox hunters collectivist corn dog legal locomotive gorgon ahoy tentacles and pentacles shoulder key forwards immune insular re traceable bailout candy.

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