Saturday, 5 September 2009

gnostic gnome

pearl-handled knife points towards the moon. a tightening of the material. yesterday it was meant. bowler hats in the wind. i'm not. new appearance their. fist in a balloon. letters page. typewriter pwoermds impress editor. click clique click. neck ties knots round throat. gun gun gun. kicking jesus in the face. my flag is black. blair if eric is alone(puts the boots in). square text test screen. dalek voice vox.not likely. twangy repulsiveness. visrecord. never enough to justify that. hedge podge. arthritic clean reel. lice and sleazy, every thyme. poetry is'__ dead. gleaning information. glass eyes blow snow globe bubbles. bleak night, black grass. windows with no buildings. aerial. man in black stands on roof,watching. i am not not, but i am am. windmills of the mimed. fascists may dress well, but their philosophy is not grounded in reality. skin leap. comedian falls flat, while poet soars. gangrene of the toungue. hooks for hands and knives for feet. goths can be quite cheerfull. sing over the static.ring from the grave. white fire nite. bus passengers going nowhere. radio ratio.

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