Wednesday, 23 September 2009


simple game. cod peace. 18th century, without the wig,still 21st. in not rose petals, then wet? cats and dogs, dogs and cats. my own personal timestream. lizard wizard. sniff sniff. broken. letter mail art, amyl heart. sleep forever, dreaming ,eyes closed. zen crossword inscribed on zombie back. nose, knows, noose. humane, all to humane. g/a/t/h/e/r. devise ion. beware of the god. there are no christians under foxholes. infinite space, finite life.there are no foxholes in atheists. grenade in the whole. pretty vagrant. adventures in thyme and misplace. cattle lift. a pint of larger. horse,hearse whose. too many sheets. fast enough. if ever remembered. dote sash epsilon.

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