Monday, 28 September 2009


sushi language. raw spittle. gristle on the stove. crumbling masonry. stab,fall,bleeed. totem war shipped. epicurean delights. go eat a dictionary.tequila doom. taller then you. scarecrow. paragreif. plane with feathers. psychotic teaspoon. his breath on your face. skin on skin. black cube. ubu pubis, astronaut fakir. just aske much. clean vocals, stained bleeps. vortex verdant. patent paid dent. decapitulation, defenestration. bullet gullet. language stripped bare by the balderdash,even. human compost. beethoven en plein air. plant plant plant. cute little thing. pert buttocks, gender unimportant. can-opener appendix. books for the file. flower petal painter. chase,chase owns me-body and soul. i used to know, but i've forgotton. could be the end, or couldn't be. perhaps.

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