Wednesday, 9 September 2009


red ink blot. grin all you like,its not happening. break backbone mount spleen drench just cannabis. firearmless. what is meaning, when language is meaningless-but all we have. love, your thighs are like honey, poured into a velvet mold... lightning sparks the mainframe. tut-tut, too wit to who? sights alive. sits saliva. saps saptiva. glib re merc. judder judd or judder jug or love lung or leave land or leave language or leave mirage. a cell with obama instead of bars.... gist or just or just or gist. were is troylloyd, won't someone cheer him up? perhaps a below job or somewhere. if to be though not to be, that is the quotation. whither it is better to sappho the slangs and ordinaries for tuna, or to partake alms agin the say of treble barritones. his hedge jung glyph is if time that rather, as oposed to not to take rather to perceive. i never use capital letters, unless i have two.


Stephen Nelson said...

Great pyom! N were is tryllyd?

were'er'e is




mike cannell said...

w,r wh . r ,,s