Wednesday, 30 September 2009

the biology of language part 2 (b)

monkey grinder produces sparks. this town isn't bugger for the both ov us. clean slate. treatise on the inside of ron silliman's pockets. lima,lima, charlie bravo. old fashioned organ with a vocoder tracheotomy. nix,nix,nix. lip fruit, limp seeds. environmentalists make me want to use lots of do you know? burnin' daylight. language-based masturbation is not a crime. glitch racket bell. riff off this. not along that line. if you sit in the middle of the road, all you get is run over. "rock'n'roll is the new poetry" *pfft*. i found god(he's in my bathroom snorting coke with the easter bunny and father christmas). pc double helix/ goths still grin. comic strip tease. the pixies still sound good. bubble feather. he can always find(charm) me with those beautiful eyes. i'm more fluxus then flarf! this red circle really doesn't have anything in it. got his mind pierced and a tattoo on his id. naivete was something i suffered from, but not now.


troylloyd said...

buggershog yuggoth gulf. in then was now,wait. book than book. just fluxlt trimming the scrimmage. an action lawnmower blade. fullstop throttle. RnR gravedigger groupies grope for grope, singalong seemingly. funnypapers pixyshift. payoff is in the punchline.

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