Sunday, 19 January 2014

the romance of the toungue.

trenchant false profanes
ever overboard, slinks into final.

charnel eyeflickers
cathode-ray brilliantine.
cream suits for suckers (or botox prolapses for

gun medal clangs un-clamoured osmosis.
trains monkeys to evoke free-market conditions
(or other articles of faiþ.)

and fluff unbungs toxic treat, ode of
under-age tonsils.

pill sticked pol pot peels back quandary
over boxticked indications of censure.
over wrung rungs of leaþer.
 ire sines of song or

done or unsought punctuation.
read out loud scratchings of the brain-pan.
heard in dialects of saw en sawed-off blasts of
letter clatter.

paragraphs of seduction.
chest hair tickling þe eye-lid.
oldy-wordy and oþer worldly.

scottish psychic projects teletext on night sky.
glimmers at huguenot.
affection for effect.

needlescars street pains.
hoodys in the hood.

double "o" mystery of
sherlock's decaying þought frame.

machine breaks up file forms or
broke un pleasing eddies of
text gifs.

of pages stained wiþ paper cuts.
of inconsistent morals of

of castration and the polemics
of  schizophrenics.
of retreaded nerve endings.

of offers of satisfaction ended
by sleep.
ordering language by classifications of

scum of scam
or scheme of schema
of schematics of scores

of sounds or of sense.
a separation of meaning and feeling.
a poetry of gum-smacking egg-suck.

invalidating quasi-orgasms in
sink basement cellar doors.
or mysteries of aesþetes.

of boring english poets
rehashing auden while missing out on blake.
comfy coffee table verse

sticks eyes to sleep and sleep to
radiant tones of polish street fare
zloty on zloty on zloty.

free-range experimentation.
tingles edge-burn insomnia and

dutch textures of sonoristic verb forms.
glum peels on axis paranoids.
glum oppositions to term tones

"offensive as is."

concrete letterism in
anthropomorphic worm slavers.
gleaming teeth on tongues pinked with interest.
adventures in free-form writing (jazz by any other name).

dioramas on wars that never took place by generals who
won a battle they lost.
meta-terms and post-grad obsequy.

  one last statemeant
on last one statemeants.

curves on a bell-jar show
academics don't know shit.
it's all in the runes.

trench foot pro forms
over everboard, splints onto finish.

ever more forcast
 þe poems þat never finish.
over o'er proclaimed shakspere

in the conservatism of the
bullshit poetry critic ( en daily heil pogue mahone)
 if cannot, right.

frameats of whirlpool frog tournequets.
a syringe of wolverhampton pond water.
an hundertwasserin tights.

pierced conversations of appealing
shapes in protoplasm.

forms or
im firms of

the romance
of the toungue.


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