Tuesday, 4 May 2010

ink mathematics (for stephen nelson and captain beefheart)

ink phone paramour incision slight (out) of hand. wishes he could meet him. buddha years or ears of plump navel gazers. paint a bowler hat. stained in black balk on the rude ore an exam for essay writing scratch monkeys. cerulean night sky in plastic numb-chucks or chocks i man (eating an iron shirt). i embrace satan and kick out crossed river carbuncle isn't atrophy carry on crowes feat (black black black). slips in or slaps in or slops on. eyes cram fur grow. as as or as as or ass ass or is is or ist ist or arse arse or arc arc. no matter how psychotic they are. took some and then spent the next six hours watching his hand move. scream for me. guitar quiff. per purr prr. van damn! cat rape. atheist deed polish. cling clung clot. who flung dung (their's mud in yeah eye) after david.

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