Sunday, 4 January 2009

george carlin ,carlin

george carlin, carlin, what, am, i, doing, doin, in, new jersey, jersey, jersy, jursy, jursey, jerzy, jurzey, people, alert, without, church, reagan, ronald, america, american, US, united, states, park, theater, HBO, special, TV, guns, FCC, government, senate, congress, law, bill, radio, obscene, religion, reverend, lloyd, lindsay, young, Robert, Altman, Bruce, Gowers, car, driving, Mannys, Manny's, Manny, tunnel, New York, 42nd street «classic routines, "Cars & Driving II," "Reagan's Gang, Church People, and American Values," "People I can Do Without," and "Keeping People Alert."


troylloyd said...

"alert keeping people"





mike di tomasso said...

"all hurt key ping peep-hole"


"a range"