Thursday, 24 December 2009

one fist one fist


Brian said...

Yeah, one'll do...

Mike, I've been looking for your email address but can't find it on your site (doesn't mean it's not there only that I'm not the sharpest tack in the box).

I've been wanting to write a "fan letter" regarding "Entran", the best asemic book I've ever read. So there you have it: "Great book, Mike. "Entran" is the best asemic book I've ever read." (More, please.)

Great site. Looking forward to more sound poetry along with the asemic, lineated and other cool work here.


mike cannell said...

well thank you brian. i'm always glad to hear that some people actually like my work. most apreciated.

yeah, my e-mail adress is not on my blog, because i tend to guard my privacy and people only get my adress if i'm ok with it.

my creative flow is a teeny bit intermittant at the moment(writers block) but i'll publish some more when i can.