Sunday, 6 June 2010

well, counting backwards was an amazing. everyone involved was brillient and i think i did quite well,for my first live performance. i think i need to to focuss lett on lexical works next time. and certainly i need to be slightly more compact in my sounding and not get nervous half way through (or at all).


matt dalby said...

Yeah, I thought you did really well, and it wasn't at all obvious that it was your first performance. You did really well in the improvisation with Stuart too. Thanks a lot for coming to Manchester and helping us launch. I hope you try and do some more performances soon.

On the subject discussed during your visit of what might be going on in experimental/post avant circles nearer to you I still don't know, but the editor and contributors to the Midlands section of Harr Godwin's Cleaves journal ( might be worth approaching. Otherwise it seems to be a case of attending gigs, small exhibitions and other events that seem likely to attract that sort of a crowd, and gradually you'll accumulate flyers, hear about venues, meet people, and begin to get some sense of what scene there is. It only took me a few months here once I started looking, and I'm really exceptionally shy, so it's not that hard. Also check out Openned's Calendar (

Anyway, I hope we'll see you up here in Manchester again sometime soon. Thanks again.


mike cannell said...

thanks, yeah.

i'll look at that sort of thing eventually.

yeah, anytime you want me to perform in something in manchester just ask.:)