Monday, 26 July 2010

birthday poem for richard barratt.

word form fragment. oposable thumbs support. narcisistic velcro necropolis. stands to weep, weeps to stand. garment actuation. folded geriatric scimitar. memorable for its hilarity. rise of the idiots. mistook the ten commandments for burger king menu. selfish trimester. hetrogenous metro(a)sexual. blind mice. forensic taxidermy. plastic dream machine (gysin reanimated ). lazer safety pen. don’t cry for him. love across taboos. stitch flesh. attract bare bear following. a dialect that makes you sound as though your tongue has been cut out. colours to the mast (rain bow bows). or from earth form. skin disinfect leaf leave. evermore n. book stands book or cub tanz bug. question marks skin. lie like lion. inference correspondence. cream drift gland effervescence. brain tumour monopoly. summed up or sunned up. re-word foreword fowards. gunned kick, gummed kick, gaunt kick,cunt kick, kant kick, can’t kick. pychic cerebellum. shaved headed up words. bulb ball feel entry manifold. gross indecency. lopped off razor blade. got to see. axiom tope tip light rider. i, eye,e, he.

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