Sunday, 29 January 2012


god's eye's spill light
obscure mote intone
hush ligameant droop
nietszche traps birds
and eats dip-shits o
clung torn paragraphs.

glimpse trachea adorn
alot roles for gender
assumes that a i hear
you got religeon i as
y'ume nector atractive
vindaloo saint-like and
repose and mirror bark.

parallel multi verses
jerks in accord to a rhi
noserus glad and misspell
ings or contains restrictures
spend a day with together in
pulls afford which can i i told
or double paper poop towards.

o wakka do wakka da'y.

grope table top and what i yell
at and snicker and a fold and
buttocks and bosoms and
penile disenfranchisement

i hate or hate i or hat eye or
simple solutions to questions
not asked and nihilism and/or
options perscribed and.

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