Wednesday, 2 May 2012

for stephen nelson

cream overlapping drench.
hospital foot effort.
glands bleaching frond tittle.

glabella muntin 
lemniscate blunder.
fourchette underheading indicates
sourbet traction.

lunule aglet
ferrule napoli.
dalek appendix 
upends margerine fodder.

grasps grapes pulls epaulets.
philtrum filters smack of snacks.
overlong overlord ubermench aperitif.

going going gun.
zap propeller attack avacado similer.
godot god oh gad o'gill gilamonster.

gilgamesh gregg's grogg gaggles golliwogs
in gin genie genuflection.
of offer fogs snapper.

atracts acts underlay extermination.
wallops weeps undergoes trans information.
formation fur nation snicker snacks tee totalism.
gone toungue dips oliver.


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