Monday, 19 August 2013


bullseye pierpoint.
flunk organic
systems interplace

rungs or range.
rent form.
clings indifference

converse meaning.
or learning.
rules perplexed

on perspex.
grass peeled.
detach retina to view

sun language.
rope extendable.
ornery clumps

þought paramedics.
tumour in amour.
instinct pour skunk

or ink spittle.
words are fumes.
zing-back at you,

clubs for in-switch.
atrophied apostrophe.
adolphe in undergarments

polite intimations of
rectal protuberance.

spores on pages.
germination of word structures.
buds peel buds,

leaps to pervade.
  leeps piel
tier tougue origami.

billet's i point peer.
lunk organ, icy
cisterns intern plaice.

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