Wednesday, 2 July 2008

my language


troylloyd said...

An instant stone-cold classic Mike.
Bravo! bravO!

i could listen to your voice problematics allday long,

perhaps a ringtone would be suitable for my application of auditory lingual phenomma.

seriously well done, mate!


mike cannell said...


KK said...

I found it great, too--and this before I realized there was an even greater soundpoem behind the title!

mike cannell said...

Thank you, thank you. There is another language themed (the majority of my poetry is about language-my work covers three main themes; language in all its aspects,my emotions and my subconsious)text-sound composition on the way to being published on this blog. it is called "is this a reliable translation?" an it's exploring the features and faults of babel fish.