Friday, 5 September 2008

think envelope

Well, I’ve managed to print off all the stuff I’m sending Troylloyd. Didn’t realise it was so much. Hope I can fit it all into one envelope. We’ll see.


troylloyd said...

the stuffings such stuff'd,
thanx man,
i'm home as usual now,
getting back into routine
but trying to finda
decent job now &
i'll be pounding
the pavement.


: )

mike cannell said...

so ur back for good? ,missed talking to you and looking at the stuff on yr blog (liked the updates there were though).

so do u have that sort of mailbox I've seen on American films, with the little flag?

troylloyd said...

yessir, i got the little flag --
when raised, it tells the post-carrier that there's something wishing to be sent out.

i'm back for good for awhile & trying to find a decent job where i can have health insurance & make enough to move back to the city.

i'm excited like christmas time to get yr stuffed envelope, thanx mate for being a good friend!

: )