Wednesday, 8 October 2008



troylloyd said...

damn Mike:

yr recent works of this nature have been blowin' me away, almost like hi-fine art in their gestural-expressivist qualities & they just look so good!

i'll hafta hurry up & pack you uppa letter so you can mail me some on the re-exchange!
= )

i'd love to make this seies into a photocopied chapbook, i'm close to getting up 'n running & you'll be the first person i solicit for work & i'll send you copies as well to distribute over there as you see fit, i'm excited by works & it makes me ever more eager to getta micropress thingie goin'...

more later...

mike cannell said...

cool thanks.

good idea.

I may make some spesifically for you.

the micropress sounds like a good idea. You can certainly count me in on that. I can easily make pdf e-books for you to print out and cobble together.