Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The trouble with words

I recently wrote a poem using the word "Niggardly" and it reminded me of an article I found about the confusion about the word. It has absolutely nothing to do with the racial insult "nigger", though I can understand why some people who are ignorant of the words actual meaning or origin would be offended, its a perfectly innocent word and it really has NOTHING to do with that racial epithet.

I've always despised political correctness, because it's really a form of mind control. By all means we should not be abusive towards people, but we shouldn't be neurotic about it.

It reminds me of some people who are offended by the word "negro". That's the racial name for black people, in the same way I am a Caucasian. It isn't an insult. Words have power, but misunderstanding does too.

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